Splinterlands Card Art Appreciation

I want to thank those who have contributed their art to Splinterlands - those who made card art and those who helped with programming and design. The players really do appreciate all who have contributed. I hope that they can continue to generate art, and creativity for the game and give the players and the whole community the best. Thank you! Every Splinterlands card has a unique art style and is highly desirable. The art and art concepts have an immense amount of detail. It is amazing how much effort goes into making each card. Splinterlands has made such leaps since alpha don't get me wrong alpha was amazing But they continue to get better with design. From the theming of each faction to each card's lore, Splinterlands has strived for the best experience possible. I just want to say thank you to the development team and all parties involved in its making. I will continue supporting Splinterlands and its community. Thank you again for the game! Listed below in no particular order are some of my favorite cards :)

Byzantine Kitty.pngCaladuum.pngChain Golem.pngCornealus.pngCthulhu.pngDark Ferryman.pngDemented Shark.pngFeasting Seaweed.pngFlagulon Reine.pngFlame Monkey.pngLobstradamus.pngPyromaniac.pngRoboDragon Knight.pngRuler of the Seas.pngScarred Llama Mage.pngSerpentine Spy.pngSoulstorm.pngSpirit Druid Grog.pngXulax Nightwind.png