ok so don't hate me for this but I'm not seeing any problems with censorship so far. maybe I'm just not big enough or haven't made enough posts.... but almost every post I'm kicking that line. I am like doing backflips of a diving bord and trying to belly fop on it. general consensus for me so far is.. I can cuss soooooooooo eh. for sure worse places on the internet.

here shortly my partner in crime is getting out of college. when we make videos I got to know. I'm like picking on everyone. like trust me if it was that bad I woulda already got smashed. so it kind of makes me question how bad some people actually need to be to get a hammer dropped on um.

like I'm being a pithy little asshole every day and poking bear investors for digital numbers going down when the world is panicking... when hasn't that happened chill dude your in gaming we don't work the same.

gamers that see a gamer make a bunch of money cuz they won the lottery that's 1 in a million of course there going to show that to you and say that's common. no guys its not sorry to pop that hope bubble.

devs that fall into the same traps we have been in for the last 2 years + though out all the nft field.

I annoy a lot of people to say at this point censorship is a big thing. I know people could easily prove me wrong but.... yo this place actually kind of cool. i can cuss and rant about stupid game stuff in peace. or relative peace. idk. all im saying is im new to blogging here, been poking stuff and uuummmm well i think people got hammers dropped because just like any guild or group you have limits and I think some have passed that line. I just don't know about it... witch is technically good. cuz it was probably really bad.

Do the math. I get away with make pithy asshole hummer. poking everyone... day after day... cuss... flex stupid shit.. and play a total fool... Censorship??? na fam I think limits. like I say things I know I can get nuked for in other places. but na. hopefully it stays that way.

P.S. still looking for noobs. i got a lot of stuff you can play with as long as you can hang out and help push the goal.