I need posting rules


so I think I'm going to pretty much find games with dev logs. cuz a lot of times you can actually see game development for ==>free<== in most games as long as you follow dev blogs. I say we start making jokes of the Devs thinking there gurus. cuz am at a really odd point with NFT games. I may be getting burnt out. iv been doing this for two years and its a pattern I feel. They show us a cool game with possibly a month or two worth of work on it. say "they've been working a long time". but hesitate to show any in game development, concept art, mechanics updates, new scenery/landscapes... and try to think that provides mystery instead of distrust.

In my opinion if your a game with content there is no reason for you not to have a weekly content update. you are the developer, meaning you have access to all of the game. you can show what you did this week or some concept art. unless you did not work this week and are living off the funds you asked for....

OH yeah.... the hundreds and thousands, NFT games make but somehow cant show content and only pump inspirational fairy tails and act like the others, like me, that have been in this game field cant smell something fishy about that situation. your people are frustrated. but how about stop telling them to calm down and show what you got. cuz those same people have been giving all they got to there favorite games. really its more a respect thing. if I and other have given you money to do your job and support you, people should be able to see what your doing.

why? investors have the right to pull there funds out any time any reason no transparency is sketchy. people follow and unfollow at any time... why would people want to follow a info commercial selling time shares for months. they thought this was about a game at first after all.

Finally when people say this shit be expanse sometimes it really is. I know back in the day I was buying axies I could have bot a whole game system and 5 triple a games for. just 1 of them. grinded a whole year to buy a breeding pair. NFT games are at the worst they have ever looked. majore known NFT games have dropped the ball multiple times

so where does this put new games... well with a bunch of people that think they know what's best for the ecosystem ironically including me and my naivety as well. 2 year may sound like a lot but some these peps been following crypto since inception with bitcoin. nevertheless, new nft games are in a environment that has run its course. gamers that have been watching for years just see pattern now. no one expects games to come out quickly we are not children. we understand its a length process. If the progress is not shown however then how do people even know if there is and its not a rug pull. they are very easy to just walk away from. archive what is needed. then check back up on later and just understand your playing a lottery ticket. with digital money, that's only has value to the buyer perspective. just as any currency.

If you need examples of how easy it is to walk away think about it. do you have kids? bet you'd love to hang out with them more then try to get a game to not try to re invent the wheal. bet you could find a game already made you can go hang out with your friends on. bet you could learn a new skill and have way more self satisfaction then watching for the next economic update. In that time it takes for that game to figure out what ever it is, its doing you could go have a happy totally productive normal life without them. then see if they did anything when ever you wish to check on them. better then telling your friends, na that game i thought was cool i wanted us to play tuned out to be just another NFT upsell. mean that's what i do. i know a lot of people do. and that just strengthens the narrative warning new people to stay away. i don't tell close friends that arn't even into crypto anyways to come check out this new sales pitch. I say hey come see this new game it look really cool, maybe we could play this.

Update: feeling bunt out and very alone in this struggle. feels like words don't even matter. nice or vulgar. serious or sarcastic. true or hypothetical. want to focus on my own NFT shenanigans and just have fun. if i forget about them i forget about them. maybe they will do good and when I finally remember them ill already have my stuff. ill put some away like a unwritten book that somehow may or may not be magical written. my and your time are more valuable then empty promises.