The time for shenanigans is arriving


I'm going to open up 8 slots for gamers with nothing/very little. iv started noticing a trend here. there literally people that don't see the full game field. when you see a digital horse for 3k or a AR ship for 20,000+ then talk to me and think your game is bad..... no some your shit not even on my radar.

ok so this is going to be a fun game plan working in phases. you should plan at lest 3 months for this one. what is going to happen is we are going to make a bunch of little robinhoods here. you well be able to keep 100% of what you make, if you have more that mean hive is stronger. if you have no resources you are unequipped in this field. So we need to figure out how to get you up and running.

Plan jumper is the outcome. we will find you a guild, there are like 4 or 5 now (IDK) this is good though.

what you will get as a package is a team of axies, and a splinter land book for 3 months to grind as much as you can, access to solder chat and a jump plan so we take a server or two for hive. (The cheese is real in this one my dudes.)

-Phone and internet access.
-Hive Tag
-Making a jumper (jump will be explained in solder chat)
-Finding a guild (im not a guild im a squad there is a difference)
-join club rat poison (it for open recruitment and shenanigans)
-Be ready for in about 6 months after the after our second wave of game raiders are developed to do the real cheese.

any guilds that wants in just note, we are flying under the have tag. so if you want to randomly show up and not get blown up remember to change your name to show your with hive. do note were are doing a plan tended for secrecy open, so counter plays exist. hell we will still need to find a true guild leader and organize sister guilds. and prepare people for the games warfare. (I'm not diplomacy I'm strategy different jobs) if you have never been part of a jump guild or a top 3 guild I suggest following along cuz its fun. anyone can do it, hell grandma can get on and talk shit and beat people with her slippers, its awesome! if you aint seen g-ma shit talk you aren't seen shit talk hahaha. idk use it as team building exercise at work idk. point is its crazy and everyone can.

Final note:

  1. if you use my generosity ageist me, abuse this, you may as well change your player name. cuz you will now learn what a burn order is.
  2. you will not get rich here
  3. If you can not handle war games... just hard pass on this. your not going to be a button pusher cuz I know there are better players. you wanna play Farmville go play Farmville. 8 slots 1 or 2 of ya probably getting kicked
  4. This is not your equipment. if you want you own work for it.
  5. First come first serve, pay out will be after the graduation period for a good reason.