RE: My Splinterlands Blog #60 – Mid-Season Report & Power Outage Success


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Back before Splinterlands mooned, but after Alien Worlds did - I had sold a bunch of TLM and picked up a set of common + rare untamed gold foil cards to help my guild fill out the brawls. Turned out to be a great purchase, since the cards are now worth many times what I paid for them :D Plus I got super lucky and opened the GFL Kitty, so that's pretty much my go to for any gold foil matches :D

I both bought and sold vouchers. As I know that I'm going to get a whole bunch more during the next 2 Million pack sale, I think I'll be able to get a more packs if I want to spend my SPS on them. I think the prices will go down since more will be on the market, and there's no pre-sale bonus attached.

That being said, for the packs that I did get through the pool, I'll probably open a bunch of them on the 8th. But, I'll probably save some, like I did with the Untamed packs, and open a few a week to include in my blog. Heh, I have so many cards I would like to level up, but I don't think it's going to happen with the way prices have been :D Maybe I can get a decent Gold set of Chaos Legion though :)