Social Media Challenge! Theme Card - MOLTEN ASH GOLEM

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Molten Ash Golem, a rare monster in splinter lands hailed from fire element is a powerpack monster that is one the good options in low-level to mid-level mana battles. Ash was introduced in the Chaos edition along with a bag of abilities, enough to demotivate the enemy deck. Fire monsters are becoming a great deal for me, first Striker now Ash, tells how exciting Splinterlands is becoming day by day with its latest editions and releases.

Why Ash Golem?

It is necessary to answer this question because there is always curiosity and strategy while selecting a monster. To me, the parameters remain nearly similar unless I bump up an exception. The parameter for the selection of Ash is the Mana Cost + Health + Attack + Abilities. I keep my eyes on the abilities section while hunting for a monster. The ability gives an extra edge in the battle and even a single ability out of the blue moon can be a kicker/decider in the game.

Health and Speed

Ash at the very first glance, looks like a Tank but wait the catch here is the speed. 10 units of health can decently stand in a battle for a long time but the catch that makes this case different is the speed. Ash, though a golem, can move swiftly if accompanied by a summoner that can enhance the speed or health part. 2 units of speed enables the Golem to charge his powers on the enemy monsters. Ash is a tank that can attack as well, deal damage, and demoralizes enemies too. What else can be good than a tank that can do damage too?


With 3 units of range attack, Ash keeps coverage in the back row of enemies. There is always a good chance that the opponent might have staked exceptional strategies in the back row, which can extend from a healer to a reviver. But here is an "oops", it is if we keep Ash as a tank we might not be able to use its attack unless we have a close-range-like ability or a similar battle ruleset is in effect.


Ash comes with a bag of abilities. Not one, not two, but three just at a cost of 6 mana. At first glance, the abilities are likely to affect the enemy's side more than the friendly side. The set of abilities present is likely to fill the loophole for us if in case we keep Ash as a tank. Being a range attack type, at tank position, Ash can have at least its abilities to shape the game. Let's take them one by one.

  1. Close Range - Close rangeability allows a monster to do a ranged attack from the very first position i.e. tank position. This ability is like a blessing to our Ash because the health availability poses the monster as a tank as well. With this ability, Ash can surely deal damage even after being in the tank position. As said earlier, what else do you need?
  2. Weaken - This is where Ash starts taking a toll on the enemies. The presence of weakened ability confirms the reduction of the health of enemies. It can reduce the health of an enemy monster by 1 health point at a time.
  3. Demoralize - Ash demoralizes enemies by reducing their affinity for doing a melee attack. With this ability, Ash can reduce the enemy's melee attack units by 1 point. The last two abilities - weaken and demoralize can really help in deciding a game.

Level-Up Stats

A total of 115 Regular cards will be required to level up the monster to its highest rank. At the 8th rank, Ash unlocks its last ability - demoralize. However, at the 5th rank, there is a slight reduction in health points by 1 point, where also a new ability - Weaken gets unlocked.

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Final Remarks

Molten Ash Golem is a good card available in the Chaos edition. The prices are very reasonable and the battle cost is just 6 manas. And at this price you are getting good health, decent speed, handy attacks, and amazing abilities. Ash is a go-to monster in normal battles.

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