Social Media Challenge! Theme Card - River Hellondale

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RIVER HELLONDALE, a monster introduced in the Chaos edition of splinterlands is hailing its powers from the Water element. She is a legendary miss, coming with a bag of abilities that not only let her attack and showcase her power but also enable her to support the friendly monsters. She is another entry in my favorite monsters which grabbed my attention lately.

Why River Hellondale?

I have been searching for monsters who are not only cost-effective in battle, but these monsters must also amplify the abilities of friendly monsters. My parameters for selecting River are the mana cost + abilities + damage. The interesting thing about River is that she hails a lot of abilities which are buffing friendly monsters and debuffing enemy monsters.


At a cost of 7 Mana, I am not only getting health + abilities but also good damage and considerable speed. A summoner who can boost speed and addon to her health will be my prime choice in the battle. Although she can't be a tank as her health won't last for final rounds, the damage that she can do is like a break-even for me and justifies her position in the back row. Let's one by one understand her abilities and what she can do in the battle.

Health and Shield

River has 4 units of health and 1 unit of the shield. Shield at this mana cost is like a little addon perk that she can utilize in the battle. 1 unit of the shield isn't going to make much difference in the early rounds but think of situations where she can hold her position for a little longer in the final rounds. Even a 1 unit of the shield can give her entry in the next round where she can amplify friendly monsters and incur decent damages too.

Attack and Speed

River is gifted with magical properties enabling her to incur 3 units of magic attack on the enemy monsters. The magic attack is one of the three attacks but it is different in a sense - where magic attack unlike melee or range, can bypass shield and deal damage directly to the health of the enemy monster. This means that enemy monsters who are preoccupied with good health and shield won't be on the winning edge for long, as River bridges the gap by doing magic attacks. With 2 units of speed, River if accompanied by a good summoner that can add to her speed, good action in the battle becomes quite evident.


River comes with her 3 abilities, Resurrect, Inspire, and Dispel. The curious thing here is that her abilities are like nerf-buff nature. She not only helps the friendly monster by adding more to their health or attack, but she also nerfs/debuffs the positive abilities of enemy monsters as well.

  1. Resurrect - This ability makes River a special monster where she can give life to a dead-friendly monster. She revives a dead monster by giving 1 unit of health, enough to make a decent recovery in the next round of battle. One thing to note here is that this reviving ability works only once per battle.
  2. Inspire - Remember about nerf/buff? River's inspire ability allows her to adds 1 unit extra melee attack to all the friendly monsters. Unlike resurrect, where she can only benefit from one monster, here she adds an extra melee attack to every friendly monster.
  3. Dispel - This ability vanishes the positive effects of an enemy monster strike by River. When River makes her attack, she makes sure that the positive effects like recharge, protect, buffing, etc. won't work as well. For example, If I am a monster who has a self-healing ability, River's attack on me will deal me damage as well as stops my ability of self-healing too.

Level-Up Stats

River Hellondale can be leveled-up to 4th rank, where at every level she unlocks one extra ability and at 4th rank she attains her maximum units of damage that can be done. 11 regular cards and 4 gold cards will be required to max her out.

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Final Remarks

River Hellondale is one of the perfect monsters available for a back-row action. The abilites of Nerfing enemies and Buffing friendly monsters is quite special. Another special ability is that River can revive one dead-friendly monster. With all the powers and abilites that River hails from the water element, I am at a comfortable position in the battle.

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