Final CHAOS Card Pack Opening - Completed Earth Quest With Magic


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Hello everyone! Today I am playing some Splinterlands and opening my last 5 CHAOS card packs that I have been sitting on.

My strategy from here on is to shop for gold foils and legendary cards that I can then rent out to other players until I get to the point that I can actually get the proper use out of those card levels.

For now I am still in the lower levels. Today I worked my way from novice to Brone III in just a few short battles, which alse completed my Earth Quest.

I have been traveling and working on some other projects so I haven't had time to really play allot in the past couple of weeks, so I am a bit behind on this season.

Anyway, enjoy the video! I am going back into the casino to harness my sports betting skills... Actually I have been here 4 days and haven't placed an actual bet, lol. Just been learning the process and "paper betting". LOL.

Anyway, go out and enjoy life!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

Get started playing Splinterlands today!

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