Playing and Trading - Live Splinterlands Play and Po Boy Trading Challenge


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Hello everyone! Today I am back doing some live Splinterlands game play as well as doing some leverage trading on the ApolloX trading platform. If you are watching this on, thanks for watching the replay! I tried to stream through VIMM, but was having some issues so went to YouTube.

Currently watching for trade entries on ADA, SOL, and or BTC.

Currently I have a $200-$2k trading challenge going on for myself over at Coin Logic TV called the Po' Boy's 10X Trading Challenge, so just going to make these live streams the main part of it and then post the replays to Coin Logic TV on YouTube and to this account on 3SpeakTV.

Currently 3 for 3 on my trades for the challenge and the trading account is up 27%! Let's see if we can keep the momentum going!

I actaully did really well with my Splinterlands play and went from Novice to well into Bronze III with the water focus today. Found a combo that did well, and won, well most of my battles.

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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