Busy Awesome Monday Capping It Off With a Butt Whooping and Some Tacos

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What's happening everyone! Today was a crazy busy Monday, going from before sun up to after sun down. Capping off the night with some Splinterlands Play2Earn action!

I am chatting it up about my new gig with Infinity, a Cosmos ecosystem validator that I am partnering with using the @coinlogic.online brand to help educate and spread the word of the Cosmos projects we support! Had a good meeting with a potential client and working some marketing strategies for them.

But don't worry, this isn't taking away from any of my other projects, in fact it will help fund them and my rock start van life lifestyle, lol.

Anyway, enjoy watching me get my ass absolutely handed to me in this Fire quest... They say the more I play the better I will get, but it seems to be the opposite, lol!

Oh well, better luck tomorrow! TIme for tacos with my daughter! That makes it all better! Like it was really bad in the first place, lol!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

Get started playing Splinterlands today!

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