1st ever Beta pack opening received as prize for Dygycon!

I was the lucky person some of you may have seen on Twitter if you follow Dygycon! I got one of the packs from the live stream and let chat decide for me if I was going to open it or not. I had planned to sell it or hold it a bit; but this was my first time I ever owned one of these since I got here in March of this year. I actually pulled one of the rarest cards in the game.. I am about to turn 30 in week and this gift will help me celebrate it the way I choose. My plan is to sell it. I need to get my hands on more Bitcoin to borrow from for Chaos Legion; this is about ~120 or so packs worth to sell it at current prices. I love this community so much. Thank you for all the likes/shares on my Twitter post; I am not a very social person so it truly overwhelmed me. This past decade was really hard trying to survive being disabled. This game lets me have my life back on disability benefits and that means the world to me. 💜



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