Are You a Furious Chicken?


Are you a Furious Chicken?

Being compared to a Furious Chicken does not sound like a good thing, in fact it sounds terrible! However, the Furious Chicken is debatably one of the best cards in Splinterlands! The Furious Chicken was once a $.05 card, possibly even lower (that was well before my time unfortunately), but over time it climbed in value exponentially reaching over $35 at the time of posting! There were 100,000 Furious Chicken’s printed, and with over 600k different wallets used in the past 3 months (many of those players with multiple accounts) it’s simply impossible for everyone to have a Furious Chicken, this “rare” rarity card has actually become relatively rare among Splinterlands’ expanded player base over the past couple of months!

I say all this mainly for the newer players, be that Furious Chicken! So what if you’ve been grinding your account to earn your daily rewards just to earn a couple credits (it sucks, I know, I have 2 alt accounts that start each new season at Bronze 3), those credits you earn, while not too valuable, can go towards rentals to boost your deck’s power for the season, increasing your rating, your league, and ultimately your reward! Once you’ve gotten some of those chests and received some of those $.20 cards, just keep the Furious Chicken in mind, the value of that card could increase in value similarly to the Chicken! Keep in mind once you’ve acquired multiples of these $.20 cards that turn into $1+ cards, you’re obtaining wealth through a game that you’ve enjoyed spending time on!

The Furious Chicken, again, is a phenomenal card. At 0 mana cost, being a neutral that can be played in practically any battle/ruleset, there’s no doubt why it’s the most played card. I did however feel it was a good comparison to many player’s journeys through Splinterlands. Furious Chicken is a no cost or “free to play” card, just like many players joining the community. The rewards of the card seem trivial, no attack (at the early levels), little speed, little health, no ability to buff the team, yet today it’s a $35+ card! These rewards again can be compared to what a new player goes through, a couple credits or dec here or there, potions after potions from daily quest/season rewards chests, $.20 cards all over the place, but before you know it, you’ll have an account you’re proud of. Those credits become rentals which give you power and help you win games and rating. The dec has the same value of credits, but better in the sense that the value of that dec can also appreciate, as well as counting towards points for your daily airdrops! The potions are a more seasoned player’s least favorite thing to see in a chest reward (aside from maybe 1 dec or credits) but you have to think that perhaps that potion is the one that allows you to pull that Gold Foil or Legendary (or both ;) lol) card! And again, those $.20 cards may seem almost pointless right now (although I love to use some of them), but the cost of those cards will only grow moving forward with lower supply. Additionally, those $.20 cards will help you tremendously in both the wild and modern formats which will result in even more rewards for your hard work!

So, be that Furious Chicken that can fill in to any situation, and keep clawing (or pecking) your way up to the top and you’ll appreciate the dedication and effort you put forth when you’re there!
“Time and Attention” as @Infidel1258 says is the key to this game!
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