Episode 32 : A Matt Clarke Conversation


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A Matt Clarke Conversation

Chances are you've already been introduced to our guest for Episode 32 well before now. At the very least, you've heard his accolades. His reputation certainly precedes him. A great ambassador for the game & the company, Matt Clarke is a @Splinterlands OG and we had the honor of sitting down for a proper conversation with him.

He popped in for a chat with us here at the People's Guild to share some wisdom he's picked up along the way throughout his 10+ year journey through crypto - from the days of $50BTC and the Steem blockchain to the current crypto winter and Splinterlands - we cover it all.

We take a good look at the business' recent decisions around the lay-offs, the renewed focus towards delivering on promises of old and we get an idea of what the implications for the future of the game and its creator may be.

Matt takes us through his thoughts on the potential upcoming DEC sinks into land, soul-bound reward cards and guild alliances before dropping in the killer suggestion for a new battle royale-like mechanic for the game - tentatively referred to as bar fights - a true stroke of brilliance and pure fun that we wholeheartedly hope comes to life for the community!

A few bear markets under his belt and holding as varied a Splinterlands' portfolio as anyone in the game, Matt wields a wealth of perspective that's sure to be valuable to anyone in our community, well-tenured and otherwise.

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the mind of this crypto-seasoned veteran - Matt Clarke!

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