Episode 99: A VetteV Conversation

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Episode 99: A VetteV Conversation

Welcome back to the People's Guild. In this one, the bus finds itself in New England as we sit down with another one of the great minds in our community, @vettev

We talk through the state of the game, according to Vette as discuss the full range of Praetoria. We cover scholars, pulling out ice cream money, web2 vs web3 and how to inject fun back into the game.

Enjoy the show!

Multi-Account Gaming, Splinterlands Strategies, and Growth

VetteV and Bjangles discussed the challenges and potential consequences of multi-account gaming in the Splinterlands game, including community dissonance and potential violations of terms of service. They also delved into the strategies and profitability of playing the game, highlighting the role of luck, specific rule sets, and the acquisition of rare and epic cards. The conversation further discussed the impact of certain changes in the game, such as the disappearance of mage wagons and the replacement of airdrop cards, as well as the development of a new mobile-friendly 'battle page'. Lastly, they explored the team's past successes and challenges, and the future potential for growth and technological advancements.

Web 3 Transition and Project Adaptability

Bjangles and VetteV discussed the transition from Web 2 to Web 3 and its implications for their project, emphasizing the need for adaptability and flexibility. They discussed the role of the DAO, as a network of wallets with voting power, and the necessity for it to either commit to backing their project or divest from it. The decision was made to bring the project back to a $2 price point and to focus on attracting players. They also discussed the changing competitive environment in their project, the potential of exploring uncharted markets, and the challenges they faced, particularly with the launch of their token and the expectations surrounding it. The team agreed on the need to remain open and flexible in order to succeed and considered creating a gaming commission channel to gather feedback and proposals from the community.

New Gaming Project and AI Integration

VetteV, Bjangles, and Hepthorn discussed the development of a new gaming project, focusing on its potential, competitive advantages, and the need for a sustainable revenue model. They also explored the concept of a TCG and the idea of entertainment as encompassing not just gameplay, but also the acquisition, trade, and display of digital assets. The team shared their experiences with previous projects such as God's Unchained and Hearthstone, and discussed the implications of AI in creating content and managing communities within the game. They concluded by acknowledging the need to manage expectations and balance the use of AI with human oversight.

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