The Good, the Bad, the Azircon... A Splinterlands' Podcast

Episode 57: An Azircon Conversation

Welcome back to the People's Guild. This week, we make a visit to Houston, Texas to sit down with one of the more pragmatic and community-driven whales of our game. He's been involved as a heavyweight advocate in the Hive and Splinterlands' ecosystems since 2018.

We proudly welcome Azircon to the show.

We have an absolute pleasure sitting down for a colorful storytelling session with the self-proclaimed Kaonashi of Hive. Azircon shares with us his personal chronicles with the blockchain, through his seemingly stumbling upon Steem back in 2018, through to the announcement of land, the J6969 saga, subsequent fall-out and fire-sale, to Runi and beyond. We are privileged to hear our guest's perspective and philosophy as we make our way through the annals of Splinterlands' history.

As we are celebrating 5 years of Splinterlands, this feels like a very appropriate conversation as we get taken through the long and winding tale of the game - a great opportunity to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened and consider all that still could happen - and what a guest to have said conversation with.

Enjoy the episode!

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so huge that splinterlands is already five years out there and still growing!


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