Why We Need To Think of Splinterlands as Play AND Earn, Not Play TO Earn - #2 Guild's Gold - Maxpower

Greetings, Splinterlands!

Why did you start to play Splinterlands? Well, there could be many reasons why, but one of them could well be that you were tempted by those Youtube videos stating how much you could earn playing the game. Videos like 'How I Made My First Million in Splinterlands!" or "Earn $100 a Day Playing Splinterlands!' were popping up on the old tube every day.

Crazy 'Oshannus for $50' days are now folklore in this game and they could return, but when, where, and how is anyone's guess!

In our most recent podcast with Maxpower, he outlined how both current and new players should be viewing the game of Splinterlands.

He articulates the reasons why people need to be thinking of Splinterlands as a ‘Play and Earn’ game not a ‘Play to Earn’ game.

If you missed the whole podcast, this five minute video is sure to enlighten you and give you another perspective on how you view this wonderful game of Splinterlands.

As always, when Maxpower speaks, we listen. The energy he brings to a conversation is always wonderful to be a part of, and his understanding of the ecosystem that we are a part of is second to none. Enjoy!

This an extract from the recent podcast we did with Maxpower from Archmage. If you like what you hear, click on the link below for the full podcast.

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