We co-sponsored a #Splinterlands tourney with some OG $Hive Platforms!

Thanks to @jim-crypto (THGaming founder) for sponsoring a few of his precious Splinterlands Gold Cards for this. ..

>>Pimped Out Tournament<<


There is still time to Enter the Event...

and with a number of #Hivechain platforms (ecosystems?) getting involved, you can bet there are some great prizes to be won:


#Hivechain Crypto prizes on offer:

@enginewitty "... You can win several tokens including #PIMP, #BRO, #DEC and #LVL. A new one I've never seen is #CARTEL that from the looks of it, is akin to the @oneup-cartel that @flauwy is heading up. Plus, there are some Gold Foil bonuses and if you happen to place 101st - there is a Chaos Legion pack in it for ya..."

Full write up about the Event and Platforms here ⬇️
Article : A Pimped Out Tournament

Quick note: there are no Legendary Cards allowed in this event. Make sure you have enough Epic Cards to be competitive.

The entry fee is 10DEC

Here are the Hivechain Communities involved in this event:

@dynamicrypto " Come: Brawl with these HIVE Tribes / Communities

🔸LVL Token - Psyberx - @psyberx - @jboss
🔹PIMP Token - @enginewitty
🔸BRO Token - @brofund - @brofi - @raymondspeaks
🔹THGaming - @jim-crypto "

⬆️ I highly recommend following all communities and accounts tagged in this post, most of them are already OGs on the #hivechain doing incredible community building things 🚀 We are pretty excited for the #Psyberx game ⚔️

Good luck to those that enter. Our players look forward to seeing you on the Pimped Out Splinterlands Battle field! May the most skilled take victory.

>>Click to Enter the Pimped Out Tournament<<

The End

Have fun and good luck! If you would like to join #THGaming and explore the #metaverse with us : our discord link will be at the bottom of this post 🚀

Chaos Legion goes Public soon. Are you ready?




All votes on this post will be converted into $HP + #HiveEngine Tokens and will be kept within the different #hivechain exchanges 🚀

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🔹 Our new Genesis Coin - #Waxchain Minting - 23 DEC 2021 - 50 of 1000


Right now, that's the highest payout of a tournament in the loop!


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