I received a new life splinter reward card & Delegated my first earnings to @monster-curator



When Splinterlands announced new reward cards, I couldn't wait for them to be released

As I was hoping for some fresh input that not everyone else had already. As a new player, I don't know many of the cards besides when I see them during a battle. I don't have the time to play all day endlessly, so therefore I often only play my daily quest until now and sometimes that is done quickly, while other days I struggle.

I often pick the death splinter

Whenever I have the choice in picking a splinter, I notice that I lean towards the death splinter as this one seems to be the easiest.
I have to admit, often I don't have enough time to actually sit down and learn about the splinter and the monsters.

As I received this cool life monster

In my rewards a few days ago, I was checking out the stats:


I do love the flying ability, it's often helpful, I noticed. But then I still have to be completely honest, and mention that I don't know which spot this monster should be placed best. I have some digging to do here when I find the time.

I received my first SPT payout recently

Which made me very happy, and I delegated to the @monster-curator account as I already mentioned earlier. I did that in two badges as half of the earnings were liquid while the other half was staked. I just checked my wallet, and see that I received the first payout from the delegation last night.


Pretty cool, will keep delegating to the account from now on. Just got to find back my writing groove as it has been a while since I posted anything.

Last day of seeason

Hours until the season ends, I don't know if I will find time to play before season ends, but if so, I hope I will find at least one nice chest there this season!

Good luck the last hours for those that are playing!