Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Deep Lurker


This weeks challenge involved Deep Lurker, one of my absolute favorite cards from the new Chaos Legion set and a card I play a lot outside of the challenge so it was not hard to want to partake in this one but first let's take a deeper look at the Deep Lurker!


Deep Lurker is an incredible package for 6 mana. 3 attack at level 1 is just stupid good and with opportunity it'll seek out the weakest remaining enemy and deliver that damage routinely.

At 2 speed and 6 health it's not the bulkiest or the fastest monster but not bad either. Kelya will also grant summoner bonuses of +1 speed and +1 armor which really improves Deep Lurker's "weaknesses".

If leveling this card, I recommend level 4 where it gets a 4th damage, level 6 where it acquires the poison ability, level 8 where it picks up a 5th damage and of course level 10 where it gets the Demoralize ability.

Let's Go Over The Battle


This is a pretty low mana battle and I'm in Bronze league with limited cards but I think I can still make this work! The Rules don't really change anything for me so there's nothing extra to think about.


Kelya is the obvious choice for my team as the +1 speed and +1 armor will help a lot. My plan is to buy as much time as possible for Deep Lurker in order to take advantage of it's opportunity ability and take out the weakest targets in the enemy backline without getting pulled into the first position where it'd have to attack the enemy tank.


To accomplish this goal, I placed Cruel Sethropod in the first position and at only 3 mana it's capable of absorbing a good deal of punishment.


In the second position I placed Igor Darkspear. This may seem like a weird play but the Cursed Windeku is a common first position tank at this level so the ranged attack is appreciated while Cruel Sethropod holds off the enemy. Once Cruel Sethropod falls, Igor can take 3 hits from the Windeku since Igor won't melee attack and proc the thorns damage.


Finally, we have the star of the team, Deep Lurker. In the last position it will have the most time to attack whichever target is weakest and maximize lethality. If all goes well we should pull out the victory!


I can't really say I'm surprised to see my opponents lineup. 15 mana is just enough to play Cursed Windeku and Silent Sha-Vi and while it's a strong team let's see if we can beat it?


In Round 1 Igor attacks Windeku, Silent Sha-Vi and Deep Lurker trade hits and so do the Cruel Sethropod and Windeku.

In round two it gets more exciting and we have this awesome action shot of Deep Lurker taking out the Silent Sha-Vi.

So far our plan is working!


In round 3 Windeku breaks the armor off of Igor and Deep Lurker hits the Windeku down to 2.

The battle is decided in round 4 and it's extremely close! Igor gets taken down to 1 hp by the Windeku and Deep Lurker sacrifices itself, killing the Cursed Windeku but dieing to the thorns damage so Igor can get the win. Not only is Deep Lurker an awesome card but a team player as well!

Thank you for reading my battle report. I'm glad this strategy paid off so I could show it all to you! Deep Lurker is the real deal. I have chosen the Water splinter to be my main team and I hope I can get many copies because it will carry me for a long time.

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