Chicken? No, but I Bought 2 Furious Chicken Splinterlands Cards. Boom.


^ That's the chart for Furious Chicken.

Alright. I will admit. Furious Chicken is a great name. Funny. Cracks me up.

As an investment? It's a win. Not only will the card itself hopefully increase in value, but it's currently renting quite well, per my friend @achim03 .

What's a Furious Chicken? It's this guy.


That cracks me up. It's literally a furious chicken.

Take a look at that card. What stands out about it. If you play Splinterlands this will mean something:

It costs ZERO mana

Zero mana cost means you can throw furious chicken in your roster to tank a hit. It only has 1 health and no armor and no attack, but it will take 1 attack from one opposing monster for 1 round. That may be all you need.

As for placement, you can put this as the tank to make sure the first (ie: fastest) attack from your opponent attacks a throwaway card.

Another possibility is at the end of the roster. Some opponents will snipe your cards from the back of the lineup. Putting chicken there can sometimes allow your backline that one extra round that chicken affords.


I used and received a 86.166 DEC (3%) rebate for using their service. Nice!

#oneup is my new tag for my posts

Since I regularly post about Splinterlands and my #spt holdings, I will start using #oneup on my posts as a way to support their project and because that audience is exactly who would love posts like this, I do believe. :)

How do YOU invest on the blockchain?

I invest in spt, ctp, other tokens, hive, Splinterlands cards and their rentals, etc.

I've asked different forms of that question over the past several weeks and I am slowly adopting my strategies of posting, staking, etc. based on my own empirical observations and the opinions of some of those I value, who are leagues ahead of me on here.

Tell me how you make Hive work for you. I'd love to hear it.

Peace and Love,


threeSteps - Hive Curation3.png

P.S. Don't consider my posts financial advice. Do your own research. I write for entertainment.


The furious chicken is a great card. I often put it in second position so that it attracts snipe fire just after my tank. You can litterally use it wherever you want :-)


It's a card that every serious deck should have in it. Can literally win you matches just by sitting there doing nothing.

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