Earned 66 Hive (not including 2nd layer) so far! FINAL POST of my 30 day #ctpcontent challenge! Phat loot!



On my first attempt of making it 30 days in a row I failed. I failed because I forgot that the deadline was UTC each day. So I did what any stubborn marketer would do: I started over.

This time I crossed the finish line because....

I wrote 30 posts in 30 days and earned 66 Hive.

Post#URLHive Earned
1This is the post you are reading.Payout TBD

We've earned 66.67 Hive, plus what THIS post earns.

I saw 'we' because as you know, the curators also are rewarded out of the amounts these posts earned. Nice!

Quite happy that I was able to contribute some Hive power to others on the blockchain simply by having stuff you can upvote and earn rewards from. I used 50/50 HP/HBD Payouts for most posts because I want to put my HBD into savings, and as you know curators share in the post payout of the upvotes. Looking forward to my share of the earnings, especially some of the recent posts.

That's not bad at all. I simply wrote posts for 30 days in a row, used the #ctpcontent tag, and earned hive and second layer. I know this sounds like a broken record, but if you just show up daily and contribute meaningfully on the blockchain, whether that's via content, upvotes, comments, reposts, etc. it's all a way to earn. But YOU have to show up and do the work.

I have recently refined my tag usage, and it has increased my earnings as of late.

Also, if you're reading this within the first 7 days of me writing it, you can also upvote THIS post, 😀

Once these last 7 days have finished paying rewards, I can more accurately calculate the post earn total. I'll come back and update this with the final accurate amount once the rewards are received.

Speaking of which...

My second layer tokens will be worth MORE than my Hive.

While on the #ctpcontent challenge, some of the larger accounts on Hive gave me upvotes. Not only that, but some of the other tribe whales gave me upvotes because of my posts being tagged with their tribe's tag. (You know who you are. Thanks.)

Thanks everyone! If you interacted with me in any way on these posts, whether upvotes, comments, reposts, etc. thank you!

None of this would have been possible without you, my dear Hive content consumer.

Tribe Mention: CTPTalk

I have long been a fan of @jongolson, @blainjones, and @elianaicgomes. The CTP tribe itself is tremendous, and being a marketer I've learned quite a bit studying Jon's videos and tutelage. I owe them quite a bit.

Being active in the tribe's Telegram discussions means that I also know the in's and out's of the members who are active, and have made some good relationships. Thanks to all of you.

The CTP token is one I also hold and stake. Currently I have 31,585.558 and I am the #23 holder the richlist.

I also have a fat 30,000 CTP incoming delegation that I can leverage so my max ctp behind my upbote is 61.6K. That would put me effectively as the 11th strongest vote. In a discussion we had the other day on our zoom, we discussed a tribe of CTP folks all upvoting content together, and how effective that is and what it does to tribe value and token value. Yep. Sure does. :)

Tribe Mention: Alive Tribe

As you know, I am a significant owner of the ALIVEM miner and the ALIVE token. I stake a lot of alive.

I'm currently #9 on the ALIVE richlist with 19,601.808 tokens as of Sept. 30, 2021. Super close to having 20K of those.

I definitely endorse and support the efforts of the ALIVE tribe (led by @flaxz) and the #aliveandthriving efforts of the ALIVE crew. Part of the requirements for #aliveandthriving is to post personal and financial goals and how you reach them, and why they are important to you.

With ALIVE, my goal is to continue being one of the top 10 token owners, and participating in the tribe with my upvotes, comments, and content. Boom.

As far as financial goals outside of the ALIVE token itself, I definitely want to reach Hive Dolphin status so my upvote would significantly help others (and me in the process).

One of the folks I'd like to call out that is VERY active with the ALIVE token is @jlufer. Take a look at his earnings and his upvote value on posts for ALIVE token. That's not insignificant. Hat tip to you sir.

SPT tokens have paid off as well. I have earned [1235 SPT] in 25 days.

Not too shabby. That's a good example as well of using a second layer token to increase your value. What I like about that is my spt also contributes to the airdop amount I get each day. Wonderful! All the more reason to keep holding and staking it.

Overall this was a big win for me.

Not only did I write posts for 30 straight days, I also worked on my writing style, voice, and how I format my posts. Writing daily has definitely helped me hone those skills.

Now that the challenge is over, I will continue posting. That's the point, right? If we just did this for the challenge, what could would that be? It would he 66 Hive and that's it.

However, the real win here is that I have now developed a habit of writing a post daily, or writing enough to schedule them with the peakd scheduler when I need to take a break from writing. I also made some new friends and followers, which is huge.

This challenge helped me write, find my voice, and how to tag my stuff.

Expect more posts. I plan on continuing. I have another brand new account, and unless I am wrong (@blainjones) I don't see anything in the rules of the ctpcontent challenge that says I couldn't fit in another 30 days of posts under my other account, right?

If so, I have some more writing to do. 😀

Peace and Love,


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It's tough to write every day without any pause. Congrats for managing to do it especially because it was the second attempt :-).


Thanks. Yeah I was almost 2 weeks in when it happened that I messed up and missed on because I wrote late in the evening my time, which was already the next day UTC time. Lesson learned. Funny part is I work in IT and deal with UTC all the time.

The challenge itself was great because it works on helping with the discipline of it.


I'm so proud of you!
Is people like you that makes me keep going and believe that maybe I doing something right!



Me? Awww shucks! YOU rock. You ARE doing something right. You inspire me and many others.


Fantastic to see you crushin it Rob, and a big congrats to completing the 30 day challenge, too bad you had to start over though, enjoy you day and stay !ALIVE


Thanks! This was a good one for me. Any time it involves posting for a while it helps me to stay on task. The payouts were good, but if I had to do it again, it would be even better this time, thanks to all I learned about tag usage and some of the tools.