How to Earn More Rewards Per Post = Stop Writing Crap.



There's one part of the equation that's often left out when trying to determine if a post will earn any Hive, and that's quality.

I've written many posts recently about increasing readership through using quality tags that match the material you write. Guess what? The quality of what you write matters more over time.

Don't overlook the quality aspect here. It matters. Keep reading and I'll explain why.

Quality posts receive the most upvotes and comments.

Just because you can open ecency or peakd and use their interface doesn't mean that you automatically get an upvote. That's ridiculous.

The reason why Hive works so well is because the cream rises to the top and gets the whale votes. There's a huge middle layer of decent quality content that gets good upvotes as well.

Then there's the garbage at the bottom. **Nope. I don't have to vote for you. ** Worse yet is when someone writes crap AND then acts spammy and uses tags with a bunch of highly-trafficked communities that have discerning readers.

Improve your writing skills to improve your upvotes.

Yeah I'll call out the elephant in the room. Don't write garbage. Spend time learning how to craft a proper sentence. Consider what you're writing and more importantly consider the READER and whether or not they want to read your stuff.

Once you find that magic connection between your opinions + style and the audience, it seems apparent to me that rewards on posts go up.

I recently changed my writing style to be shorter, punchier posts with a header that has some color or at least is somewhat eye-catching. Those few changes have made a world of difference not only in terms of the payouts but how I feel about my own content.

Don't short-change yourself. You may be in a hurry, but quality takes time. Slow down and consider what you're putting out. Now think about your reader.

What one small thing could you do to make your own post stand out?

For me, it's often the header graphic. I love making memes and they make the perfect header often-times. Like today's. I put that up there because I knew it would peel a few eyes open and perhaps, just perhaps, would encourage a whale to upvote the post. We shall see.

I told @elianaicgomes in our Telegram Group that I'd write this post because if I get a lot of comments, that's a lot of curation for others. :) Don't leave me hanging! Leave a comment.

Peace and Love (and a little saltiness),


P.S. For my splinterlands peeps, you can also check out my other post where I talk about joining the Index Squad Guild and hit $100 in account value SPS. Don't consider my posts financial advice. Do your own research. I write for entertainment.

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