My luckiest day on nft giveaways

I usually watch a lot of streams on twitch and despite i got a nice time and some fun, most of streamers usually do some giveaways on theires channels, and yesterday i won big prizes i would like to share with you because im very happy with the luck i got.

The first one I won on marbles race, you surelly know if you watch some streams, it was on @gameboyali stream
( ) and i won a very rare NFT from Non Fungible Drugs, a NFT collection with a game yet to be realeased if you want to know more about the game you can check this site

Thank you again for this amazing gift @gameboyali.
gameboy ali nft.png

A few Hours later i wass watching a stream from @pladozero ( ) who plays a play to earn cardgame i usually play and while he was opening his card packs, he usually gives some cards or packs, and i won a chaos legion pack in his stream.

pladozero gift.png

It's a very good prize because you only can buy them without vouchers in 2 days, and i got some luck on the pack opening, i got one of the summoners, Tarsa,that is very important to make my card collection stronger.

pladozero pack.png

Thank you again for this prize @pladozero.

see you all soon, and thanks for reading my posts.