Bringing-forth Chaos feat. Chaos Dragon

"Chaos is a friend of mine."
-- Bob Dylan

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It has barely been a week since Chaos Legion has launched. Many players are still finding the capabilities of the new cards and how it affects the meta. It also is a good time to test out new team compositions and have fun at the same time.

This week's Share Your Weekly Battle Challenge is timely since it involves Dragons. A Splinter that I have been working on for the past few weeks and upon Chaos Legion's release.

As mentioned in one of my posts, I was lucky enough to acquire some legendary cards (among them was the Chaos Dragon). Quix The Devious was also the first CL card I bought off the market (Since then, already at level 2). In this match I will be utilizing both cards buffing up my Magic Life deck.

My new Dragon Summoner

Level 2
Summoner Abilities at Level 2:

  • -1 Speed for all enemies
  • -1 Range Attack for all enemies

Match Proper

Match Rules:
Mana Cap - 42

  • Holy Protection - All monsters get the Divine Shield ability.
  • Noxious Fumes - All monsters start the battle poisoned.

League: Silver 3

Summoner: Lv. 2 Quix The Devious
Tank: Lv. 2 Djinn Chwala
Secondary Tank: Lv.1 Chaos Dragon
Magic Attackers: Lv. 3 Djinn Renova, Lv. 3 Temple Priest
Healer Support: Lv. 4 Venari Cystalsmith

In this match, the strategy was to use high HP monsters with a Djinn Renova buff and deal heavy magic damage to the opponent's tanks. Going for magic damage and using Quix The Devious was a good decision since I was against a Kelya Frendul led team. This allowed me to negate the opponent's summoners buff and bypass a monster armor.

Initial Position

Mini Play By Play

After the initial rotation of damages poison included, I was barely able to damage their tough as nails tank Wave Brood. No thanks to Holy Protection and the scatter shot going for the Flying Squid. But thanks to the poison rule, untouched low HP monsters is a poison tick away from elimination.

After the first rotation

As luck would have it, the Chaos Dragon Scattershot went straight into the Wave Brood thereby eliminating it. My initial tank was also not spared in this round as my opponents damage output are powerful.

After the next poison tick, their low HP monsters were also eliminated.

After the second round of poisons

Prior to the third poison tick, the Sea Monster was eliminated by Chaos Dragon and Djinn Renova while the Flying Squid was taken down by Temple Priest and Venari Crystalsmith.

The poison tick was fatal to me in this round as two of my monsters were also eliminated by it.

After that brutal round.

End Game

It was a 2 vs 1 in my favor with a poison still tick ahead of me. Being a great monster that she is; before succumbing to poison, my Djinn Renova was able to deal 2 damage against Djinn Oshanus. That effort was not in vain as it was at this point that the match was decided. A single hit dealt by Chaos Dragon reduced its HP to 2 and a tick of poison, the last needed for my victory is due on my opponent's turn.

That last drop of poison

Post Match

The match was a close one with lots of could haves and could have beens. Though I could've have lost it if my opponent had a summoner higher than level 2. Still the RNG provided by scattershot makes things interesting and exciting.....especially when it works on your favor.

Chaotic in a good way.

Full Match Link:


All images used are in game screen shots and belong to Splinterlands.

My family at #nosleepgang for being an inspiration to share and write.



That was an epic battle, it is great to see great cards being used in these battles, as my deck is currently meager. When I do get it built up, it will be articles like these that help me to use them.


Thanks for the kind words. With the influx of new cards, am pretty sure you'll have a better deck than what am using.