Weekly Battle Challenge: The Chaos Knight

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Today's topic: The Weekly Battle Challenge

This week, I got to use one of the most useful cards, the Feral Spirit. I love him because he uses SHIELD! You can come behind the stand at the front of your team and stand tough against all attacks, which is exactly what mine did in my battle challenge video.

I played him in a 26 mana battle with no modifications to gameplay:
4 Mana General Sloan Summoner - I am going to use the Chaos Knight as my meat, and fill up my team with lots of archers. This will let me quickly get through my opponent's defenses.

6 Mana Chaos Knight - he has the shield ability, this would give him longevity to take lots of attack - taking 0 damage if hit with 1, or 1 damage if hit with 2. In the battle, my opponent played a number of 1 damage cards, so he could not hurt me at all.
1 Mana Gargoyla Scrapper - This guy was just a filler, I had 1 mana left - and he fitted. He will help take an opponent attack, and give me archers some extra time to get their hits off.
2 Mana Herbalist - He who would do OK damage (2 Arrows) when paired with General Sloan. This guy is cheap, at 1 mana per attack. He will be a critical part of my onslaught with arrows.
5 Mana Goblin Chariot - This guy has really good speed, with +3 boots. But it is his +2 arrows, which will become +3 arrows that has my interest peaked. He will get an early hit off and do some serious damage.
6 Mana Pelacor Arbelest - This guy will go to +3 arrows with the summoner bonus, but he has the double strike skill - this is game changing. It means on his turn he will do two hits for +6 total damage. EPIC!
2 Mana Xenith Archer - chosen for the same reason as the Herablist, a solid filler for 2 mana. I put this guy last in case my opponent played sneak, I wanted to protect my Pelacor - so his function is also as a shield.

Have a look at how the battle looks to start:


Initial thoughts:
I liked this starting point, but I was a little nervous. My opponent is playing SNEAK, which means I need to drop his tank to protect my Pelacor. I could see my Xenith Archer would be dropped pretty quick. His THORNS on the tank are a bit of a concern, but given my attack is arrow heavy, I'm not too worried. I was actually pretty confident at this point.

In the end, I won this battle without losing a card. Basically, the Chaos Knight was amazing! The Chaos Knight did a marvelous job, and I'd love for you to watch the battle embedded below to get an insight into just how awesome this card is.


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