My splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365 days. Day 16 step by step

Day 16 of the Splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365.
Here we are another day writing and enjoying @splinterlands. Today the game has been similar to yesterday but with the particularity that I have spent less on rentals. It is really a problem not to receive Cards from the daily chests it is difficult to meet the power requirements.

But the rules are what they are and you have to know how to adapt to them in the best possible way.

I played little to maintain the capture rate, but well, which has left me at the gates of Bronze I. As I said, my short-term goal is to get into the silver leagues so I can start collecting Cards again.

On the other hand I keep accumulating DEC waiting for the presale. I thought about buying SPS outright but the price has gone up a lot and my resources are scarce for now.

Here you have the updates.

Sixth day of play:

Play 27 battles, win 13.
Earn some DEC and Credits
Improve my deck of Cards with rentals
I changed my SPT to DEC

Do not forget that if the challenge is achieved 50% of the value of the account will be settled and donated to the splinterlands community.

I leave you the reminder in case you want to participate, you do not lose anything.

Important: during the first 30 days you can bet if I will get it or not. Among all who succeed, I will give away 5% of the account value within 365 days. I hope it's $ 5000

Timid progress but I leave you with the updated data. As always I appreciate any advice you can give me to complete this dream.

The challenge:
Get 0 to $ 100,000 in account value in 365 days, sell it and donate 50% to the community.
Current account value:
$ 37,02

Sin título.png

What does the account have and what does it not have:
2,371 SPS = $ 1.4
301 DEC Game = $ 3.1
1315 DEC Engine = $ 13.87
10 Cards = $ 4.3
1 STP = $ 0.01
4 SPT POWER = $ 0.04
30 SPT = $ 0,30 delegates @monster-curator
6 HIVE = $ 4
1 Credits = $ 0.00
I have the spell book. 10$

Challenge participants

Challenge achieved:

Challenge not achieved:
@funnel @sentipl
@pardinus @yeckingo1

The way to get the challenge:
Write a follow-up article every day to get the most SPT -Working
Sell ​​SPT for Hive to get $ 10 - Working
Buy the Spell Book -Working
Start playing -Working
Participate in all possible draws to get Cards -Working
Purchase, sale, rental of Cards -Working

How can you help me?
Tips many tips on how to play, tricks and others.
Vote the posts if you like them, it costs nothing.
Do reblog

I doubt that there is someone who is not playing this wonderful game but if it is your case and you want to collaborate with my challenge, here is my referral link:
Feel free to ask me for help if you need it.


step by step so you reach the goal


0 to 100k in 1 year seems like a steep goal 😮
But with the rate splinterlands is increasing in popularity it might just be possible, i think you can do it 👍
Its hard in the beginning but once u get a substantial amount your rewards start snowballing.

I've written a guide not long ago to deal with water mage decks, i hope it can help you to rank up faster :)


Thank you for your support and the information. I point you to those who bet on the Yes


0-100k is doable if you remember that, 1 year ago, $AXS was worth 0.145$ and now is worth 120$+, an increase of 800x.

Splinterlands will be the next Axie Infinity (or even better, in my opinion), and an increase like this in the cards/SPS price isn't unexpected.


wow that is a big goal... good luck. I wish i could make my account turn into $100K lol I'm new to the game and started last month. Totally hooked. wishing i had started earlier and bought up some land and cards.

As you say that no card thing from the bronze chests is annoying. Happily i had 2 seasons with the bronze chests with cards and actually got a few which was nice

happy playing!