Splinterlands Begins 100 Million GLX Token Airdrop: Stake SPS To Be Eligible


Splinterlands, the unique and widely adopted play-to-earn blockchain-backed trading card game has set out to reward its devoted users, through the introduction of the GLX token airdrop program for stakers of SPS, the native token of the Splinterlands gaming ecosystem.

This airdrop which began on October 25 is designed to be year-long and not follow the usual one-time distribution pattern. Alongside this airdrop, Splinterlands recently began its first card pack pre-sale for the flagship game of its mobile sports platform, Genesis League Sports (GLS).


SPS Stakers To Receive GLX Tokens

To acknowledge and appreciate committed players of the collectible card game and committed members of the Splinterlands community, the team behind the leading play-to-earn game developed on the Hive blockchain in 2018, has begun to airdrop the GLX token to current stakers of the Splinterlands token, SPS. The airdrop supply is 100,000,000 GLX tokens having a 12-months release schedule.

According to the Press Release, the Splinterlands team opted to implement the airdrop campaign over the course of one year to ensure 'maximum stability and effective long-term growth' of the Genesis League Governance Token, GLX.

Jesse Reich (@Aggroed), the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the gamefi leader, Splinterlands said;

"We have one of the most incredible communities that have ever existed in relation to blockchain technology. Their loyalty matters to us, and they are the reason we are working so hard to build out this company. The airdrop from our new Genesis League Sports platform is our thank you to them, and spreading it over the course of the coming year is an effective way to instill our long-term vision for GLS into our outstanding user base. We couldn’t do anything that we do without this community.”

About Genesis League Sports (GLS) and GLX Token

GLX is the staking, reward, and governance token of Genesis League Sports (GLS), a new blockchain gaming platform and ecosystem developed by the same team behind the gamefi leader, Splinterlands. The Genesis League Sports gaming ecosystem is structured to be home to several sports-related games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Interestingly, the Genesis League Sports (GLS) platform founded by Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen (@Yabapmatt), as well as the plethora of sports-related games hosted on it, will be built as a layer 2 solution on top of the Hive blockchain.

The Genesis League Governance Token (GLX) is said to be promising as it has clear utilities. As aforementioned, the GLX token finds its primary uses within the GLS ecosystem in three major ways including staking, rewards and governance.

As revealed by the team, all games that are part of the GLS ecosystem will allow players to earn GLX tokens. Secondly, GLX can be staked by holders to earn staking rewards and also participate in the governance of the GLS overall ecosystem. With the GLX tokens, users will also be enabled to mint new Genesis League USD Stablecoin (GLUSD) tokens through burning.

It is worth noting that the maximum supply of GLX is 2 billion. The team also revealed that these "tokens will be issued/unlocked in a pre-determined schedule that lasts approximately 65 months from the date the token is first released."

How To Be Eligible For the GLX Airdrop

Of course, everyone wants free money and Splinterlands is bringing such a rare opportunity to its game supporters and community members.

In order not to be left out, here are the simple things to do to be eligible and also get to share in the whopping 100 million GLX airdrop pool;

Take Action; Don't Miss Out!

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