Weekly report of my splinterlands assets - week 3 - does the growth continue?

Hi everyone,

I am back with my weekly report on the growth of all of my different Splinterlands assets. In my original post I wrote about how the different assets in my portfolio (different decks, alpha packs, orbs, totems and lands) have done over the last 6 months. As you can imagine, the best time to get into the game was around 6 months ago (or even way earlier), but is it definitely not too late to invest in the game. This is the third week in a row that I will go over how all of my assets are doing and in this post will try to explain why I think some assets might be ahead and why others might not be doing so well.

To start off I always compare how my Splinterlands assets are preforming vs our crypto Big Brother BTC and yes, it is the third week in a row that on average they are outperforming BTC.

14% Splinterlands assets vs 5,6% BTC.

BTC seems to be heading into the second part of the bullrun, so my Splinterlands assets might have a hard time keeping up with the Crypto King, but for now they are doing great. And we have to keep in mind all of the SL assets are currently giving quite a big return in the form of SPS and DEC, not that you can't stake your BTC anywhere, but I doubt BTC can even come close to SL in terms of retuns.

Screenshot 20210906 at 10.32.14.png

Show me the asset numbers!

Screenshot 20210906 at 10.21.41.png

Screenshot 20210906 at 10.37.29.png

*Maxed = champion deck, all edition maxed out


  1. First conclusion is that on average there is a 14% gain on the value of my assets. If you look at the last 3 weeks, the gains are slowing down and in my humble opinion it is ok that the growth has slown down a bit, because weekly gains of 38% - 27% are simply not sustainable. I am very curious though what next week will bring.

  2. The best performing asset this week was my maxed out deck (this deck consists out of Alpha, Beta, Untamaed, Dice, Reward, Promo and Orbs cards, so yes basically almost all of the existing cards, plus some single goldfoil cards). This deck kind of represents the whole market and so it is a bit surprising that the other decks are not following this growth. The liquidity in maxed cards is quite low, so a couple of sales could have influenced this number quite a lot.

  3. LANDS was again the worst performing asset this week and the first asset to show a loss since I started doing these weekly follow ups. Does this mean we have seen the top for LANDS? I personally don't think so, there haven't been many exciting updates regarding the expansion and we are still not able to reveal the plots. More players keep joining the game and LANDS are very scarce, so I can see this go up quite a bit when news comes out. Keeping my 1k target as a minimum.

  4. TOTEMS on the other hand have seen another 10% rise, which still kind of surprises me, since they are tied to the Lands expansion and there haven't been any updates on them either. They are even more scarce than LANDS themselves, so people might be starting to realise that.

  5. This week, the worst performing deck was my beta gold league one, which has been rising super steadily the weeks before. No real explanation there other then that maybe the well is starting to dry out on that card level. Not a 1005 sure though, we'll see how they perform next week.

  6. Overall average growth was 14%. Still amazing in one week time if you ask me. Still do not think it is too late.

Monthly performance:

Screenshot 20210906 at 10.23.05.png

Growth has slown down this week, but since I have been tracking this data, there has been an average increase of 100%. Yes, that means you would have doubled your investment in one month time. I know that this might not be that spectacular in the crypto world, but still very very decent if you ask me. And you have to include the daily return in the form of SPS and DEC as I said at the start of this post. I will go into detail on that in the next post. Overall, this is such an exciting time to be a part of such a solid crypto project, where a lot of developments are still to come.

All the best to all of you and follow me for weekly updates on these asset categories.



Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice, always do your own research. This is for documenting purposes only.

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