Edition: Chaos Legion
Rarity: Rare
Element: life.png
Attack: rand.png
Abilities: Double Strike



I have rented out a level 3 Pelacor Arbalest so it had 2 ranged damage, 2 speed and 4 health. It has twice as much health as a level 1 card. This makes it more durable in the battle and less likely to be killed by one shot in the first round. As you can see it will get the Flying ability at level 5 which will make it more durable and usable under certain rulesets.



I was in modern format silver 2 at the time of the battle. Normally I would pick Earth splinter with this ruleset because of their magic damage. After that I'd pick the Death splinter because it affects all of the enemy monsters. But for now I chose the Light splinter for the article.


Armored Up
All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat. Magic damage has even more potential with this ruleset.
Even Stevens
Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles. It reduces your options for the battle.



Not my favourite summoner beacuse it only affets ranged monsters opposed to Kelya who boosts every monsters in it's team. But for Pelacor thankfully it is good. Plus it can be a good counter summoner agains Mylor's thorns team.

Monster Lineup


Chaos Knight (lvl 1):
Life splinters low mana cost tank is the Chaos Knight and I chose it for this battle.

Celestial Harpy (lvl 3):
At level 3 one of my favourite Life splinter cards. For 2 mana you'll get a lot, 2 damage and Opportunity ability.

Herbalist (lvl 1):
After the basic team I had left 2 mana and who else should I choose for the General. It gets the bonus ranged attack.

Time Mage (lvl 3):
A really useful card in my opinion even at level 1. It's slow ability affects the whole enemy team therefore gives you a big advantage. Additionally it's a magic damager.

Pelacor Arbalest (lvl 3):
The Pelacor Arbalest with Sloan as summoner and enough mana cap it is a nobrainer to bring this card into the battlefield. In this battle it can have 6 damage in one turn for 6 mana. Thanks to it's being a level 3 it has now 4 health which can be enough to survive at least 1 attack.

The Battle



As you can see my enemy brought Mylor and it's Thorns ability. So I managed to bring a good counter team against it.


Round 1:


I'm lucky that my enemy used Mylor and not Obsidian. But as you can see there is a Protect ability on the enemy team, so it can bring some problem for my rangeds. The damage advantage is on my side 14 vs 8-9. But my enemy has the health advantage 16 vs 21. It could be a really close battle.

Round 2:


In the first round no monsters died. Both tanks hold up steadily. Monsters will die in the next turn that's sure.

Round 3:


We both lost our tanks and I lost my Harpy as well. So in therms of raw numbers I lost the previous turn. But the battle is not over yet.

Round 4:


In round 3 I got the upper hand. Now my enemy cannot deal damage any more, because a ranged damager is in the first line. So it only takes some time to win this battle.


Link to the battle

Did my strategy work?

Yes, I won the battle. It was a nice win my plan was a success, I enjoyed it.


What will I try differently next time?

Given this ruleset I would not change my lineup. I know that it was a risky tactic, but sometimes you have to risk to win.

Do you like PELACOR ARBALEST? Why or why not?

I like it Double Strike is a really good ability, but it can be easily killed if misplaced on the battlefield. But if you put it in the right place or defend it some other way it can be devastating.

Thanks for the reading, I hope you enjoyed, see you on the battlefield!


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