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Deeplurker (Level 1)

Mana cost6
EditionChaos Legion
Melee Attack3

I really like Deeplurker. It is a must to use in nowdays water teams (at least at my level).
It's Opportunity ability shines in every match. I think this is one of the best widely available abilities.

It is a common Chaos Legion card therefore everyone has it because it is part of the basic cards. As you can see in the table below it is a quite expensive card as both a regural foil and as a gold foil. I think the market knows that this is an excellent card. There are a lot of available copies at the moment.


Here comes the battle:


I was in silver 3 at the time of the battle. I had one of my favourite rulesets. I really enjoy playing 99 mana battles. In these battles I can experiment and use all or any of my high mana cards.


Battle modifiersMana capAvailable splinters
Close Range99Fire
Heavy Hitters---Death

So what did I chose to do?

For Summoner: BYZANTINE KITTY I had a lot of rented cards at this time and I used them in this battle starting with Kitty. I chose it because it only gives buffs so I can concentrate on what I know about the battle and not trying to figure out what my enemy will do. So it will boost my team with 2 more speed, - remember speed is your friend, except in reverse speed games - , it will heal my tank and makes my monsters never miss. (This can be a huge advantage as you can see in the replay)


  • DJINN CHWALA a very nice tank (at least I think) thanks to it's Thorns ability, high armor and health. Thanks to my Dragon summoner I could choose this card.
  • FLYING SQUID as a kind of off tank. I rented a lvl 3 gold foil copy. Thanks to it's Reach ability it can be useful in the first turn as well.
  • DJINN OSHANNUS I recently obtained it through daily quest rewards (I was over the moon). I like magic damagers because they skip armor and it has Void ability it is useful against magic damage.
  • DEEPLURKER I talked about it earlier I could not leave it out of this ruleset. I rented a lvl 3 gold foil copy.
  • AXEMASTER 2 damage is not that much in 99 mana, one could say, but it has Double Strike which is a really cool ability allowing the monster to attack twice in every turn.
  • DISINTEGRATOR I rented a lvl 3 gold foil copy. Thanks to it's Demoralize ability it is a melee damage counter. With this card I except that my enemy will bring melee damage monsters.

Link to the battle


Did my strategy work?

Yes, I won the battle. My enemy had a lot of magic attack, they can kill almost any monsters in one turn, but his Axemaster could miss, and I think that was one of the key moments of the battle besides my Djinn did it's job with Void and Deeplurker lurked his Venary down.


What will I try differently next time?

Given this ruleset I would not change my lineup. I think I prepared my cards against melee and magic well. I think high damage ranged monsters could cause more trouble for this lineup.

Thanks for the reading, I hope you enjoyed, see you on the battlefield!


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