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Venari Spellsmith

There are those who may think the Realm of Silence is a place of deep dark caverns. That could not be further from the truth. It is a region like any other in the Splinterlands that is full of homes, cities, and cultures. There are even universities that specialize in the study of magic, music, and geography. One such underground species that excels in academia are the Venari.

They created the Institute of Application that acts as a center of study for spells and tinkering. Those who wish to become fluent in spellcasting train to become Spellsmiths: masters of creating and using spells. It is through this knowledge they research and experiment with magic in order to unlock new ways to harness mana and the elemental forces.

A Venari Spellsmith is so dedicated to the art of spellcasting that magic itself became a part of them. While they themselves can manipulate magic to damage foes, magic burns through their veins. Upon death the radiating Mana explodes from their bodies, harming everyone around the Venari.



I'll be honest I barely use the Vernari Spellsmith at level 1 for 4 mana you only get 1 magic damage 2 speed and health. Usually there are at least 1 better alternatives for 4 mana. It has Dispel which is a really situational ability in my opinion.

It is a rare chaos legion card therefore everyone has it because it is part of the basic cards. I personally do own a level 2 copy of it. As you can see in the table below at the moment it is not a cheap card as a regural foil and it is expensive as a gold foil. There are a lot of available copies at the moment.




I was in silver 1 at the time of the battle. As you can see I had a good, but average ruleset.

Battle modifiersMana capAvailable splinters
Lost Legendaries42Fire




Obsidian gives +1 magic damage. I do own a level 1, but I used a rented level 2 to be able to use higher level cards. I saw that my options are limited to only 3 splinters and I have a level 2 only for Earth and this week's challenge card is magic damager as well so it seemed an obvious choice. I do not have any Earth legendaries so the battle rule won't affect me. On the other hand I have/rented out Fire and Death legendaries.


The only widely available Earth tank that has the Void ability is this one. Before Chaos came out I used it in almost every Earth battle and I still use it nowdays. It has really good speed, damage and health. You will see that it can endure a lot of damage throughout the battle especially if you put a healer in the battle.


Usually I put Regal Peryton in the second row or the last row as an off-tank. It's because of it's high speed and Flying ability it can provoke some misses agains non magic damagers. It has magic damage so it will use my summoner's buff.


Another level 2 copy that I own is the Goblin Psychic. If the manacap allows it it is part of almost every Earth splinter team. It has 2 magic damage even at level 1 and a nice Tank Heal ability. Although it is slow and has low health for 6 mana it can die fast. To protect it you should use a card with Taunt if the manacap allows it.


Hunter Jarx is a really nice card in my opinion it has 3 ranged damage, decent health (6) and the Snipe ability which can be really useful if the enemy does not have a Taunt ability and it costs only 6 mana. It's only downside is the low speed, but in Reverse Speed battles it can be an advantage.


This week's star as you can see I used a level 2 copy which is mine. As I stated above I rarely use this card, now in this battle I had left 4 mana free. It was an obvious choice for that 4 mana.


Mycelic Slipspawn is THE off-tank in the Earth splinter. It has the before many times mentioned Taunt ability through which it protects my weaker monsters. Additionally it has 2 magic damage by default which is buffed to 3 by my summoner and a good healthpool of 10.




I saw that my enemy used Light and Water teams but in this ruleset those were ruled out so I had to focus on my own tactics. Given that I should use the Venari Spellsmith which is a magic damager I chose the Earth splinter. After the buffs at the beginning of round 1 you can see that my team will deal 10 magic, 3 ranged and 3 melee, 16 damage at all. On the opposite hand my enemy's team will deal 10 magic, 2-4 ranged and 3 melee 15-17 damage at all. So it can be a really close battle in the end.



In the first round we both lost our off-tanks, our main tanks suffered the same amount of damage and my second off-tank suffered 1 more damage. So this battle still looks like that it will be a really close one.



In the second round no monsters died both main tanks are heavly damaged, mine got more, but the opponents living off-tank got more damage now, than mine.



As you can see in the 3rd round a lot has happened. We both lost our main tanks, my enemy lost it's off-tank and it's healer as well. At this point it is clear that I'll win this battle, but it was not this clear in the beginning. I was lucky because there were no misses on my attacks.

Link to the battle

Did my strategy work?

Yes, I won the battle. It was a nice win my plan was a success, I enjoyed it.


What will I try differently next time?

Given this ruleset I would not change my lineup. I know that it was a risky tactic, but sometimes you have to risk to win.

Thanks for the reading, I hope you enjoyed, see you on the battlefield!


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