EOS reward analysis for March 15, 2022


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End of Season rewards for March 15, 2022. This is on 2 free to play accounts one rents for 0.5 dec a day. Mainly getting credits and since I didn't playthis one as often right now those small rewards do add up to increasing power on those accounts slowly which is what my goal is.

I did decide to play the second one a bit more this season as a tester, was renting some cards for about 24 dec a day, the wins in silver were covering the rental costs; this is great because of the increased chance at cards, dec rewards and chance at packs in the EOS chests.

The third is one that i have invested some money in and lots more of my
time, it rents about 145 dec a day this go around as I made my second push into gold league and a 70 dec rental reduction over last season. This one gets much better reward as gold has more chests and increased pack chances. Over all even a small initial investment gets you to higher ranks and gives you an increased power creap. I am pretty happy with my runs this season as it shows tremendous growth in the abilities I am developing in my game play.

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