Weekly Battle Challenge Chaos Knight



Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Shield

Screenshot 03042022 09.00.54 2.png


The Battle

battle start 2.png
Aim True: Melee and ranged always hit their target
Rise of the Commons: Only common and rare monsters may be used
24 mana
All splinters except Fire Available

My thought Process:

I figure they are going to go large tanks which absorbs a good chunk of mana and then smaller rear monsters which can be picked off; so I pick my line up.

Lorna Shine : gives everybody one free damage mitigation
Chaos Knight : Primary tank with shield
Silvershield Knight : Secondary tank with inspire
Stitch Leech : Damage dealer with sneak
Elven Cutthroat : Fast damage dealer with sneak
Truth Speaker : Gives 2 armor to everybody
Chicken : Back line hit absorber in case of sneak

I see shield bearer pop up as defence, this makes me a little worried as he is a very large taunting meat shield to go through before I can target the back line.

Round 3

I move to round 3 right away because the first two rounds were just trading primary tank hits and nothing eventful. Both tanks are injured but they have armor repair and a heal which makes me a little nervous.
round3 2.png

Round 4

My primary tank is down but since my monsters are faster, theirs is about to join mine :)
After that I can start working on picking them off from the back forward.

round4 2.png

Round 5

Tank down so I can start working on all the smaller HP monsters now, I am about to lose my secondary tank and the inspire boost but I suspect there is too much armor and HP for the opponents smaller hit monsters.

round5 2.png

Round 6

Enemy team at 1 damage per round and I am at 3, this is a lock.

round6 2.png


Did my strategy work? Yes, as intended The chaos knight took many rounds of damage before falling which enabled my monsters to soften up the enemy line significantly.
Do I like Chaos Knight? Yes I do she is one of my favorite new life cards as you can use her as primary tank, secondary tank or in some rule sets as a rear tank guard, high utility for mid range mana expenditure.


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