Weekly Battle Challenge Dragons


Weekly Battle Challenge.png

THEME: Dragons
Edition: Any (I went Dice)
Rarity: Any (I went Brighton Bloom)
Element: Dragon
Attack: Any
Abilities: Any (flight for Brighton)

I actually double up this challenge as Dragons is my favorite splinter in the whole game. I used Brighton Bloom and Djinn Chwala a very destructive combination.


The Battle:

22 mana with Earthquake and Lost Legendaries; water, earth and dragon available.


Drsagon Battle start.png

Earthquake ruleset always should make you think flying and since dragons are available Brighton Bloom is the obvious choice so that you don't have to select flying monsters when he give the whole team flying. Once the battle starts I am happy to see that most of his team is melee as this will be a great advantage for me with the Djinn Chwala in the first position as the thorns will help neutralize monsters, Doubling up on the dragons seems like a really good idea at first glance.
I also chose Axe master and Pelicore Bandit to spread some damage and take out any extra armor that they would have, turns out this was also a good choice especially since my opponent chose flying units and healing units to avoid or mitigate earthquake damage.

Round 2

dragon round2.png

We have both lost our Chicken extra hit takers, and his tank has taken some damage, but my Chwala only has armor missing, promissing ....
Also after the round start earthquake damage his tank is down to 4 hp which Axe master will take care of easily.

Round 3

dragon round3.png

Between Thorns and my attackers I can see that this battle is a lock, Brighton Bloom and Chwala for the win :)


In conclusion, I would not change a thing, as I love the dragons splinter it adds such versatility to any fight and gives you the choices of two splinters to mix and match to your advantage.


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