Quest For Gladius Cases


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This is my series that I post as I earn enough merits through brawls to buy
gladius cases and unlock gladius cards.

I managed to save up enough merits to buy two cases this time around,
I tell you it's easier said than done to sit on those merits for even 2 cases
when you are really looking for those gladius cards.

Pack one yielded Quora Towershead and Katrelba Gobson that i was most
excited to see. Both being earth and before this pack I had no earth gladius.
Quora being epic for some nice power boost, plus the two attack types
of magic and melee open lots of doors plus the self heal makes her a very
tough opponent.
Katrelba is a sneaker with double strike, this can be most useful if you are
able to catch the opponent off guard and they are not expecting it, I have
seen attack one strip the armor and attack two kill giving the bloodlust

Pack two was still nice but not as exciting; Orella Abadon and Chimney
Orella is a nice low 2 mana sneak card for fire, with tarsa boost to the
existing 2 damage could possibly make this card a force to be reconed
with expecially in lower mana matches.
Chimney on the other hand is an absolute beast, yes he is a common
card (took me 6 cases to find him) but I have been waiting for him for
awhile, coupled with grum flameblade in certain matches will be

I am excited to experiment with these new toys in future guild brawls.

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Thanks again for watching/reading

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Tourack another great video curated by L1L Dawgs Gaming as a member of the guild.Love a Qoura will come in super handy in high mana brawls. Enjoy your gaming chill and have some !PIZZA

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lil dag guild.gif


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