PsyberX VS Splinterlands celery deathmatch: Dog fight!


fooling myself that the deadline was 2 days earlier worked!

I'm not late šŸ˜» For this death match I chose Cyberpug, a character I created for PsyberX contest (you can check it here) and Cerberus.

Let's begin!

Dog days in a dog's life

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Cyber pug was a prolific agent and carried missions efficiently fast, but the job was stressing. Sometimes he needed to decompress, address the burnout and take care of mental health.

The best way to do that was turning his chips off for self maintenance. This way he goes back to dog mode, living by instinct and without worries. Whoever said ignorance was a blessing was right.

He goes to his favorite park with some toys and food, gets a comfy spot to lay down and to dog town he goes. With just an internal click his mind and eyes go blank and he starts to happily chew some bones.

The park was public which means that anyone can go, and when attendance is not monitored people who shouldn't be allowed outside without a leash will usually be there. The big tree headed dog's owner was someone who needed a leash, like his also unleashed lovely multi-mouthed canine.


In the future, genetic manipulation is quite simple and pet makers started to get creative... you like some strange animal from a tv show? We got you! Extra limbs? Easy peasy! Want a game character as a pet? No problem!

And one of the most popular games nowadays is Splinterlands. Scarred llamas and byzantine kitties are expensive but a Cerberus can be a great option for your kids and wallet! Just beware of the teeth if you get the sharp version.

In each neck there was a collar with a tag containing the hell spawn denomination written in an ugly, edgy font. Spot was his name and in his heads he was the top dog, the king of the park, and a new peasant has brought some nice offerings. Cyberpug's day off was on route to an abrupt change of course.

Pug was finishing a sausage when a shadow covered the sunny day, he looked up still chewing and saw the big dog looking down on him, fangs baring and growling. Unphased, Pug continued eating, ignoring the uninvited company.

Spot, who had heard "no" less times than the word "sit", got angry with the small dog's lack of reaction so he up'd his game.

Rising his hind leg he sent a warm stream on top of everything Pug had. A smell of lavender impregnated the air (because if you are going to make a 3 headed dog you might as well make his urine smell like cleaning products).

The lack of unpleasant smell didn't mean much, Spot was sending a message and he crossed a line. Now this bitch was going down!


Pug was a great assassin, few survived with only life threatening injures. He was a destructive power to behold, when he had access to his weapons and drones controlled by Bluetooth that is. This time he was just a dog, and and ugly one with an underbite.

They were both face to face, growling and circling each other in a primal dance. Spot was not a patient beast and launched a ferocious attack aiming for the pug's almost nonexistent neck.

Although Cyberpug's mind and memories were absent his muscular memory from missions and training were still there. He instinctively rolled under the big dog avoiding the attacks and went for a bite in the soft belly, taking a small chunk of meat, which was impressive seeing how small and crooked his mouth was.

Cyberpug thought the fight was over but Spot was weirdly unimpressed, pug learned why soon enough. The fresh wound started to mend itself!

When genetically engineering pets, scientist started to mess with regenerative property present in some reptiles that could grow new limbs. With that that new branch of pets were children and accident proof. A great investment for clumsy owners.

That was the secret of Spot ruling over the park, no wonder he was undefeated. But Cyberpug wouldn't give up, that bitch marked his food and there was hell to pay!

The battle was a stalemate while Cyberpug had stamina, the small and nimble dog was hard to catch but unlike his opponent, his energy was running low.

He was too tired to dodge after many minutes of fighting and Spot's bite was a clean hit! Pug felt two of the tree mouths closing in his body and then... nothing? The feeling was similar of a strong handshake, being firmly grasped by dozen of mini fingers but no pain or blood flowing out of his body.

Now that Pug's face was almost inside one of the heads he could get a closer look. Spot teeth were smooth and round edged! A clever choice for a douchebag owner who doesn't want to be sued for their pets wrecking havoc.

It was now a battle of wills, Spot holding pug firmly while growling and Cyberpug mutilating uselessly any reachable part of the opponent's body.

The stalemate continued for several minutes until a squirrel stealing Cyberpug's food accidentally stepped on one of the chewing toys making a loud squeak. Both dogs stopped immediately and their eyes turned red.



They went into a chase after the small critter but the rodent reached the security of a tree before the pursuers were able to catch him. Now both dogs were on their hind legs, four heads barking up the tree.

In their mutual hate against squirrels they found out more similarities than differences, some ass sniffing later and both dogs were tail wagging and playing together.

Cyberpug discovered that Spot was indeed a bitch and over the course of the afternoon and after eating all his treats together, him and his lady friend were close buddies, one that he often visited at the park on his days off.

A long time later is said that this friendship blossomed into romance and from that a pretty ugly pugberus was born.

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This tale shows us that friends can be found anywhere, 3 heads doesn't think better than one, canines will always hate squirrels and that dogs also have to pay child support.


Thanks for reading, don't forget to feed your pets and remember, cats are exclusive carnivores!


Awesome! I love it! Friends in the end :) No death today...except for the squirrel...


I'm really glad you liked it and the backstory!