Experiment - 2nd Season With Lower League Account

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The experiment continues with the new account under the new reward system on Splinterlands. With the first season playing only 10 days, I was about to get a nice start putting me in a good position for the second season. You can see my report post for 1st season here. With this season, I would be getting silver chests as I finished up in Silver last time and the aim for me is to move up to Gold so this season I am able to try for gold chests. Going up to gold means that I risk some of the DEC I have won over the season to rent CP hoping I will open some goodies up in the higher leagues. Remember the higher league you are in, the multiplier for better rewards is higher. Let's see how I went for the second season with Silver chests.

In total, I received 65 silver chests with a total estimated value of $1.97 which is way under EV which was $3.77. I did however use much less DEC to rent my way up therefore I am in the positive if you look at the grand scheme of things. Out of the rewards, I received two gold cards, 1 epic, and a range of common cards. Currently, the common cards don't worth much but I am taking a gamble they will be worth much higher than past editions especially when they go out of print. The gold cards are valuable and will be useful to use to get an % each time it gets used to play a game.

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In total, I have around 140 cards which are equivalent to around $2.80 from these 2 seasons not including the potions and DEC which have been won from chests. I am anticipating getting better rewards this season as the chests I will be receiving will come from the gold league so the multiplier increases. I am not sure if renting all the way to the gold league is worth it but I would like to add that I still have over $1.80 of the $3 credit given at the beginning left on my account therefore if things go well, this will definitely last me a few more seasons. What I see currently is rent prices are pretty cheap plus with the 1 daily focus, there is no need to spend more unless you need the required CP which benefits new players if they rent the right cards with the right combo. I would need to see a few more seasons plus factor in any upcoming changes to the game to see how far this can go. As a long term player and investor in this game, I would like to see some commitment new players can put into the game either by buying cards or packs and moving up the league.

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