Weekly Battle Challenge (Ant Miners)


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Hi community ! @trenloco here.

Today, I´m sharing with you a full breakdown of a recent battle of mine in Silver 3, showcasing the card Ant Miners.

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Ant Miners is a very underrated card. It may even seem week, but even at level 1, it serves as an incredible role player. Its ability is Scavenge (gains 1 health every time a monster dies).

At first, the Miner is fragile, but as the battlefield gets bloody, it turns into an excellent backup tank. It may give you just the time your backline needs to decide a close match!

Let´s see it in action ! Here is a replay of mine, in Silver 3, where you can see Scavenge in action:


The battle was done under standard rules and a mana cap of 28. Every splinter was allowed.


Wanting to field the Ants, I had no choice but to take Fire.

Looking at my opponents battle history, I saw he was using a simple Water deck, with Aldric buffing his magic monsters and Serpent of Eld in the frontline.

battle preview.jpg

The Serpent is a common tank for the lower leagues, with the Dodge ability (melee and ranged attacks miss often against it).

Serpent of Eld_lv1.png

I saw too he often used both Ice and Enchanted Pixies, fast monsters with just a single point of health.

Ice Pixie_lv1.png

With all that in mind I built the following team:


  • Summoner: In this case I took Pyre over Malric. Magic monsters are like glass cannons, fragile but with high damage. The extra +1 to melee would we wasted here, while +1 to speed would allow me to take them out before they act.

  • First position: My choice of tank here was Charlok Minotaur. The premier choice in red is always Living Lava, but both its shield and armor is wasted against magic damage. On the other hand, the Minotaur has very high health plus True Strike (so his attacks always hit, relevant when facing Serpent of Eld).

  • Second position: Here, I chose Goblin Shaman. His ability lowers all enemy´s health by 1, this puts both Medusa and Elvish Mystic in kill range of Serpentine Spy. On top fo that, he can serve as a speedbump when Charlok gets removed.

  • Third position: This place was taken by the star of the day, Ant Miner. Very effective as water usually doesn´t pack sneak/snipe/opportunity monsters, so its able to survive and grow, becoming a respectable tank in its own right.

  • Fourth Position: Serpent Spy goes here. The real MVP of the team, good attack, opportunity ability and high speed (buffed further by Pyre). Dives straight for enemy´s backline, taking them out one by one.

  • Fifth position: Fire Elemental was the choice for this spot. He is fast, plus he can kill both Pixies just with the Blast ability splash damage.

  • Sixth position: I would have loved Creeping Ooze here, to further increase the speed difference, but sadly, I don´t have one in my possesion. Instead Spark Pixies took this place, a solid card all around, with a very high dodge chance and quick attacks.

Moving on to the battle:


Round One: Pyre buff makes our team start the fray. Shaman does his job by enabling the Spy to take out Medusa right away. His team focuses fire on Charlok, taking him out. The Ant Miners grow, reaching 3 health.

2d round.jpg

Round Two: The Serpent falls first, leaving a fragile Mystic as frontline, which the Spy quickly takes out. In return, he gets the Shaman, but the Miners (now with 6! health) take his place.

round 3.jpg

Round Three: The battle is over at this point. My opponent can´t get past the beefy Miners and his remaining monsters get cleared out by my backline. This way, I take a clean win in Silver 3.


And that´s all for today folks ! Hope you enjoyed reading my first battle report as much as I did writing it. Cheers and good luck on the battlefield !

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Your Ant miner card collected points that solidified his position once in the front line.
Great positioning in the lineup.


Thanks !! Yeah, the miners pulled their weight here