Never underestimate Cursed Slimeball ☝️

Hey guys,
just a quick post from me about a battle that just happened to my friend - Droppando :D

Imagine you have chosen your perfect team for next battle but you still have one slot empty and 1 mana left. You look at your 1-mana mobs, especially on Cursed Slimeball and you're like "ewwww😩 I'll better leave it empty..." So watch this battly closely and rethink your behaviour! :D

Looks like Cursed Slimeball just saved Skeleton Assassin's ass.

Coincidence? Take a look at another one (in a row!), where the Slimeball literally won the battle 🤣

I hope you will never look at Cursed Slimeball the same way again 😀

cursed with txt.png