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It's too difficult to defend the ability of MYLOR CROWLING, Especially if the rule is melee only. How many times I encounter this but I have no clue what splinters will put on the battlefield.

Any readers who have an idea please comment below for 12mana to 30mana.

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Luckily I have 2 fights won again MYLOR CROWLING. I would like to share it with the community.


MANA: 18
RULE: None
Disable splinters: None
For this battle, I used life monster. For summoners, I place TYRUS PALADIUM to give additional armor to monsters on the battlefield. For the first position, I put PEACEFUL GIANT to prevent the damage in the 1st position of the enemy. My attacker in the second position is HERO OF BEYOND Range attacker monster with the ability can attack in the first position and prevent the effect of thrones. and for the last position is DIVINE HEALER To heal the monster in the first position.

If you want to watch the Battle reply Click HERE

MANA: 21
RULE: Equal Opportunity
Disable splinters:Drageon and Fire

For this battle, I used water monsters. For the summoners, I place ALRIC STORMBRINGER to give additional +1 damage to the magic attacker. For the second position, I place SPINEBACK TURTLE monster with armor to less the thorns effect of Mylor. The second is MEDUSA magic attacker with +3 in life. 3rd is ICE PIXIE low mana magic attacker with the ability of flying (Evading the melee and ranged attack).4th is ENCHANTED PIXIE a neutral magic attacker monster with ability flying (Evading the melee and ranged attack). and for the last position is VENARI WAVESMITH Magic attacker with the ability to give +2 armor to the friendly monster.

I used all magic attackers for this battle is to prevent the effect of thorns gives by Mylor to enemy monsters on the battlefield.

If you want to watch the Battle reply ClickHERE

"If you have any idea how to defeat Mylor please share your strategies just comment below. thank you"

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