Daily Quest Battling Snipe card splinterlands gaming


Daily Quest Battling Snipe card splinterlands gaming

Welcome to my #splinterlands gaming my all friends.

This is @tumppa-queen you know I am a new player of this gaming...so fast time I complete my daily quest using #snipe ability card...so it's so hard for me completed... basically I am confuse what card select but then I think I follow my watching video, how thy select....

Then slowly I selected my card,, you I have a no card of splinterlands...all free card I use....

rules and How to set my card....

Mana cap -30


1• select my
RARE Water Summoner...

2• Now use my ALE FOR RENT STATS LORE COMMON Water Monster ... Level 1

3• Use EMENTAL RARE Water Monster level 1

4• use medusa card is a magic attack card level 1

5• Using ice pixie card that card is same magic card level 1

6• using eleven mystic card is magic card level 1

7• using eleven defender level 1

battling link.... If you like to watch click...👇👇



Then I easily win this battling...so I am very happy to play this battle of course my opten selected card very good...

That's my battle starchy I am not a good plyer but trying day by day if you help me to play more better feel free can donation some basic card ,my splinter name #rajmamun

Today quest battling rewards...👇👇👇


Thank you everyone for visiting my little post....