Defend the Borders - Win 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter

Defend the Borders - Win 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter


Welcome to my splinterlands gaming post

Assalamu alaikum how are you all I hope everyone is very much very good in your prayers I am very good today I came among you with my daily splinter battle ..

I think you must like it. You will watch my whole video. If you like it, you must like the post. But yes, it has become a lot of trouble. If it falls then winning the match becomes a lot of trouble.

Even then I completed my daily quest with a lot of effort but as always and as a reward I did not get anything that I would be proud of.

Anyway friends, I will share the links of some of my battles among you and I will give screenshots along with it. If you want you can see the battles. I think you will like it.

  • Link with my first battle picture


  • Link with my second battle picture


  • Link with picture of my third person

I hope you guys like these battles of mine and if you have any comments you can let me know which will help me to actually play better so that if I play a few battles I can go to a good ranking every day.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy and support my post. Thank you* ্