Social media challenge: - Battle of the day

Social media challenge: - Battle of the day


Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all, of course you are fine

You all know I am a #splinterlands new player. We haven't been on this gaming platform for a long time. Maybe it's been four or five days. I've been playing this game. I've got some idea about the game.

One thing is for sure, if you are stuck in any case, you will surely succeed even if it is a little late.

I played some random battles today and won a few battles from there, I am going to tell you about that battle, what cards I used and which Sumonar I used ...

Rules andmy card setup ...
Mana cap-13
Summoner-MALRIC INFERNO RARE Fire Summoner ...
Category-random battling


In fact, the way I arranged my cards and after sorting out I was able to present an incredible victory, it was very easy to see it, because now it seems to me that maybe I have learned to play a little ...

  • 1-position I selected my fast mele card-CERBERUS
    RARE Fire Monster
    This male card it's very helpful I think when you're opposition player attacking your card and damaged this card automatically or two healing and reattak our enemy

  • 2- position i Select -SERPENTINE SPY
    COMMON Fire Monster
    This card is common card but when you use this card this card is very helpful for your battling ....

  • 3- position select another male sneak ability card --- KOBOLD MINER
    COMMON Fire Monster
    I really like this card sneak ability card it's very helpful for winning my battle basically this card attacking opposition corner card


This is how I arranged my whole Battling today and I am very happy to have won several battles so easily.

If you like it, you must like it.
And if you want to see some of my battling then of course by clicking on the link below you can see my whole battling directly