Stealth Mission - Win 5 battles using a Sneak monster.

Stealth Mission - Win 5 battles using a Sneak monster.

Assalamu alaikum how are you all I hope everyone is very good today I have come to you with another new post of mine and of course by looking at the thumbnails and titles of the post you can understand which game I have brought among you ...

Now I understand much better than two or three days ago how to select the cards and how I have to play so I can easily go to many battles.

Even today I had a game with a lot of good players, they had a lot of good cards, but I still don't know why they lost.

Splinterlands rules and select my card

** Win 5 battles using a Sneak monster **


Mana cup # 24
Using water splinter


The first card I select from my battery is Melee card then use helping healing card then #sneak card then magic card ... and finally I win ....

In fact, today I have been able to go to a few battles in a very easy way, so I feel much better and I feel better in your love because I am very grateful to you for the way you are supporting me.

Everyone will be fine and healthy and if you want you can see my battling link....



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