Dare Bronze League


This season (5/16~5/31) I will be working with a different strategy than usual and I would like to share with you the reasons why.


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Strategy for this season

This season I will stay and fight in the Bronze League.


・As I have answered in other interviews, my main goal is to win tournaments. Therefore, I consider ranked matches as a place to practice to win tournaments.
・The tournaments I participate in are Silver and Bronze rule tournaments.
・I have been able to get stronger in Silver League battles thanks to a lot of practice each season. I have been able to win a few Bronze tournaments, but I feel that I am still not as good as the players at the top of the Bronze League leaderboards.
・I will be competing in the Bronze tournament organized by zensports on May 28.

For these reasons, I decided to gain a lot of experience in battles in the Bronze League this season and become stronger in the Bronze rules.

There are also disadvantages...


However, there are some disadvantages to remaining in bronze.
The biggest disadvantage is that the entry fee for the official splinterlands Silver League tournament will be 400 sps. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but the current rule that makes it more expensive for people in Bronze to participate in Silver League tournaments seems like nonsense to me. (This is my personal opinion).
Since I will not be in these silver competitions this season, I will not be able to get about 1000 sps.
However, I think it is worth to practice in the Bronze League for the future even if I lose 1000 sps.


I haven't decided yet, but I am considering the possibility of moving up to the Silver League after the zensports tournament on May 28. If I remain in Bronze and receive the higher leaderboard rewards, I would like to give something back to the Bronze League players. See you there.


Good luck for the tournament, bud. ;-) Happy to see you back in Silver where you can kick my ass again^^