150 chaos legion packs opening. Did i got any gold foil legendary?


Hello everyone, I'm back with an amazing pack opening in splinterlands.
I hope everyone is doing good and keeping your family safe.
In this post, I'm covering my 150 chaos legion packs opening.
What did I obtained?
Did I hit gold foil legendary?
Let's find out in the video containing packs opening.

So first of all let's talk about which legendary cards I obtained.
2x quix devious, legendary chaos legion dragon summoner which reduces one range attack and one speed of enemy.
1x legionnaire Alvar which has void shield, giant killer, demoralize and deathblow skills which blocks magic damage on armor, deals double damage to 10+ mana monsters, reduces one melee attack of whole enemy team and deals double damage to the last enemy left.
1x corpse Fiend with silence skill which reduces one magic attack from whole enemy team.
1x Adelade Brightwing with flying, repair, resurrect, immunity and swiftness skills which repairs 2 armor from most damaged armor ally monster, brings back first dead ally monster back to life with 1 health, makes it immune to all Negative effects and increases one speed of all ally monsters.
1x ifrit rising with recharge and forcefield skills where it deals triple damage but attacks every second round and when hit by 5 or more damage, takes only one damage.
2x chaos dragon with flying, scattershot,blast and blind skills where it randomly attacks any monster in enemy team, deals blast damage to adjacent monsters which are half of the original damage and makes enemy team blind where enemy monsters will have 25% chance to miss.
1x Iza the fanged with sneak, scavenger and stun skills where it attacks last monster of enemy team, obtain one extra health points for each monster dying in the battle field and 50% chance to stun enemy monster.
I was lucky in obtaining one gold foil legendary Adelade Brightwing.

Let's move on to the epics
1x Weirding warrior
1x djinn inferni
5x wave brood
1x prismologist
2x magi necrosi
1x acid shooter
1x forgotten one
1x insidious warlock
2x hunter jarx
1x nerissa tridawn
2x magi of chaos
1x grund

I also got 1x gold foil epic card gem meteor.

Time for rare cards
First of all the summoners

6x Thaddius brood
8x kelya frendeul
11x general Sloan
9x tarsa
5x Obsidian

Unfortunately no gold foil summoners
Other rare cards :

5x scavo firebolt
7x mycelic infantry
7x xenith monk
9x xenith archer
5x dhampir stalker
6x pelacor arbalest
7x soul strangler
4x venari spellsmith
4x cursed windeku
5x goblin tower
4x Djinn apprentice
3x life sapper
7x celestial harpy
5x diemonshark
6x molten ash golem
7x angelic mandarin
9x mycelic slipspawn
6x tenyii striker
8x merdaali guardian
5x portal spinner
5x river nymph
10x Regal peryton
6x time mage

Gold foil rares
Only one each of these
Mycelic infantry
Djinn apprentice
Celestial harpy
Tenyii striker
Portal spinner
Time mage

I'm not including any common cards as I obtained all of them in certain numbers and it'll just elongate the post for nothing.

Let's talk about the net worth of the cards obtained from 150 chaos legion packs.
So according to list price, they are listed for 314$
And according to market price, they are valued at 258$.
Even though it's a bit loss in opening packs but still it's a nice pack opening.

That's it for today's post, I hope you liked it. It's also my first pack opening post, will keep sharing with you interesting battles. Thanks for reading my post and watching packs opening . Meanwhile I have also posted some battles in effectiveness and guides and strategies and also covering chaos legion cards recommendations in separate sections. You can also watch out my previous battle posts which are exciting. Check it if you are interested by scrolling through my all my posts.
See you in the next post. Till then keep yourself safe and have fun with splinterlands.
PS: all the screenshots and screen recording are captured and edited from splinterlands website.

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