Splinterlands and Its Growing PH Community



Splinterlands PH

is one of the fastest-growing Splinterlands Community on Facebook. It started with less than 50 members, and now, the community consisted of more than 37,000!

Here are the numbers in comparison between September and October:

PH CommunitiesMember Count September 2021Member Count October 2021
Splinterlands PH35.2K37.1K
Splinterlands PH Guide & Support19.7K21.5K
Splinterlands PH Buy & Sell Group11.2K13.2K
Splinterland Global: Guide/ Marketplace1.1K1.4K
Splinterlands Marketplace13.1K13.8K

Our Consistency of sharing tips and walkthroughs from our admins/mods, and members, was one of the secret ingredients that our group is being supported by the Filipino community. Providing useful information, guides, and security for the members to express themselves in the group and find their way throughout the game.


I share within the community all my learnings about the game and how I was able to grow my net worth for cards and other in-game assets.
The latest projects that I did make a hit in Splintertalk which was even used in some video tutorials on Youtube.

With similar accomplishments, I was able to connect and be part of two big projects namely, THG or Threshold Guardian Gaming and 1up.zone as a content curator. I would like to thank @jim-crypto for supporting me in #THG and @flauwy for trusting me to be one of the content curators for #Oneup. For @xacex with all the help, he is doing on the back end for all our projects.

Alongside these activities, I am slowly building my Youtube Channel.
Most of the videos I've made were about @splinterlands and the things you need to learn like simple gameplays, some giveaways, SPS transfers, and others.
I am staying focus and positive that all our projects will be successful with all the help of these people.
So stay true and play on guys!


Huge numbers for the PH splinterland community! All hail the NFT movement.