Everything You Need To Know About Chaos Legion and Presale - Splinterlands Post Summary


The @splinterlands team dropped all of the information we've been looking for earlier today. This post is a summary of all the key points and information discussed within the official article for anyone who might not have time to read the full article. Here is a link to the official post!

Set Info

  • There will be 15 million packs released in the Chaos Legion set; which is 10 times more than the Untamed set
  • Every pack will have the same structure as older sets; 5 cards with at least 1 rare guaranteed (Same odds)
  • Each pack priced at $4.00 USD, double the price of older sets; to avoid issues with value and to counter the would-be threat of packs drying up incredibly fast (due to surge in playerbase)
  • Can be purchased with Credits, DEC, and SPS (SPS purchases during presale are 10% off)
  • Bonus when buying many packs at once:
    • 100 - 499 - 10% additional pack bonus
    • 500 - 1999 - 15% additional pack bonus
    • 2000+ - 20% additional pack bonus


  • A new card will be added to the set for every 1 million packs sold
  • Will be a "special limited-edition promo card" airdropped at the end of the presale; can receive more than one (2% chance to receive per pack purchased, guaranteed at 50 packs; 2% chance of that to be gold foil, guaranteed at 1000)
  • Buying during the presale will grant the chance to receive all 14 airdropped cards

Combine Rates, Collection Power, and DEC Burn Rates

  • Collection Power and DEC burn rates for Chaos Legion cards are half that of Untamed
  • Gold foil cards will also only be worth 25x their regular counterparts (as opposed to Untamed at 50x)
    Summary 1.png
  • Each CL pack will be worth 300 Airdrop Points for the SPS Airdrop


  • Players need 1 VOUCHER token per pack purchased; 33,333.333 tokens will be created each day during the presale period
  • Will be handed out daily airdrop-style, with players receiving them according to their staked SPS vs. total staked SPS
  • VOUCHERS will continue to be used in the game's future for other events
  • VOUCHERS can be transferred, traded, bought, and sold on third-party markets
  • Accounts with over 1 million SPS staked will only be portioned for 1 million SPS staked in the VOUCHER airdrop


  • 1 million packs will be available during the presale
  • Presale packs cannot be opened until after the presale is over
  • Presale period is 30 days; October 18th - November 17th
  • Presale packs purchasable until November 24th; to allow for purchasing or selling last available VOUCHERS
  • For each 1000 presale packs purchased on an account, they will receive a "The Legionnaire" in-game title NFT
  • Top 6 accounts with purchased presale packs can work with the official team to design a legendary summoner card, which is to be released as one of the airdrops
  • Chaos Legion full release is still TBD

Card Design Goals

  • To be strong and desirable
  • Be competitive and sufficient for new players
  • Should be different and be able to mix-in with the current pool of cards to ensure variety when constructing the best team

Maintaining Card Values

  • Players will need variety in ranked, meaning older cards will still be desirable and valuable
  • Cards from older editions provide more SPS airdrop points, and will provide higher bonuses in the new lands expansion that is in development
  • After CL's release, Beta edition cards will have a small and stackable DEC and SPS bonus to ranked wins

New Ranked Play Format

  • When CL is released, there will be two formats of ranked to choose from: Modern and Wild
  • Modern Format will allow cards from Untamed, Azmare Dice, Chaos Legion, newer Reward cards, and the set after Chaos Legion
  • Wild Format will allow any card to be used
  • Each edition will have its own separate DEC and SPS reward pool (when SPS rewards are available)
  • Base starter cards will shift from Beta and Untamed to Untamed and Chaos Legion after release


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