Why Splinterlands Is An Incredible Investment In 2021


Splinterlands has been absolutely booming these past few months with no signs of slowing down. With a report from the @splinterlands team themselves, there are over 10,000 new Spellbook purchases, or account initiations, a day! Now, I say that putting some of your hard earned cash into the game in 2021 could turn out to produce massive returns on your investment in the long-run, but this applies just as equally to 2022 thanks to the ongoing airdrop system! In this post, I'll go through the many factors in this game that will contribute to return.


SPS (or Splintershards) is the governance token for the Splinterlands game .

(Screenshot taken directly from SPS white paper.)

As the use and value of the SPS token expands over the course of Splinterlands's development, we see more reason to invest in it. As you can see from the allocation chart, SPT will be given out via the various methods listed until it hits its maximum supply of 3,000,000,000. Currently, the primary method a new player will use to obtain SPS is through the SPS airdrop system. Everyday, each player receives a certain amount of SPS based on their share of assets compared to the players' total assets. As of writing this, the airdrop is on day 56 out of 365; once it reaches the end of its cycle, the airdrop is done forever; considering the allocation.

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Once you have some SPS, you can stake it to earn a pretty volatile, yet nonetheless, APR on it. This is simply an easy way to gain extra value off of your SPS, and with the rapid expansion of the game there's little point in not staking it.

The developers are working on implementing SPS into the P2E rewards pool, allocating exactly 900,000,000 SPS of the total supply to "Play to Earn" rewards. From then on (until the supply runs out), players will have another major source to earn this valuable governance token.


DEC is the primary P2E currency in Splinterlands and is used for entering tournaments, buying and renting cards, purchasing potions, and buying packs. You can earn DEC by battling, completing daily quests, placing in tournaments, and end-of-season rewards. There's another method I'll get to next.

The DEC token's value is pretty volatile, as you can see from the graph below:

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The last transaction of DEC for SWAP.HIVE went through at $.00531, so the token's value is relatively low at the moment. As you earn DEC, or even throw some of your own money into the game in the form of DEC, you're on the path to an increasing amount of value in the coming years.


With the buying, selling, and renting of cards in Splinterlands, you can increase your Collection Power while simultaneously adding to your account's value. You can buy cards while they are cheap, sell them when they are more expensive, or (and what I recommend) rent them out to other players for a daily income of DEC.

Buying the packs that come out, for example the Chaos Legion set that is supposed to be released for presale around the end of this month or early next month, you can quickly add new cards to your collection to really boost your Collection Power. The most recent set, Untamed, was released and priced at $2 per pack... and are now going for over $37 each.

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Other Methods

Just a couple of quick honorable mentions that can enhance your experience playing the game as well as help propel your investment: guilds and Splintertalk. Being in a guild grants you access to extra DEC earnings for battles, lets you partake in brawls, allows you to shop in the guild's store, and a few other things. Splintertalk is a blogging platform that you can create Splinterlands related content or view others' posts to learn about the game as well as earn on the side.


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