Life Splinter - General Sloan


I see a lot of people complaining life splinter is hard, life gives me headaches. Life had a couple useful tanks added with chaos legion. life has armor repair, heal, magic reflect. combine them together and you have a life team at silver level that can often hold its own in Gold. If you having problems with life or looking for something new to try, why not General Sloan?


General Sloan is a new Chaos Legion summoner for the life splinter that gives +1 ranged damage to all your ranged units. At level 4 General Sloan is maxed out for Silver league and will allow you to summon level 5 common, level 4 rare, level 3 epic and level 2 rare monsters to battle with.



At 3 mana blinding reflector is a low cost tank when you need magic protection with General Sloan at level 4 you can use blinding reflect at lvl 5 where he can reflect back magic back at the attacker. He is slow and only 1 melee attack but his only real job is to keep you ranged units from getting trashed.


Chaos knight is a but more costly but heavier tank when you don't need magic reflection and mana points are not tight. She has Shield and Giant Killer at level 5 so despite having one less shield than her counter part she is reducing all incoming damage except magic by one and doing double damage to anything 10+ mana on the other side.


Another option if you just need that one more mana is the Pelacor Conjurer. At level he has magic reflect and he also has flying making him harder to hit combined with 4 speed but keep in mind you will loose the benefit of repairing the tank when using him


Shieldbearer would be a not so no optimal tank at this level. He is 2 more mana than the Chaos Knight and with her Shield the Chaos Knight can take pretty much the same amount of damage for cheaper cost and has Giant Killer. Once we hit Gold level with this team however the Shieldbear gets shield and will out perform and keep attacks off your back line with Taunt.



Venari Crystalsmith at level 4 has average speed and 2 ranged attack with a addition +1 from General Sloan, Giving 3 ranged damage and tank heal to keep your tank alive. Still dropping as a reward card you should be able to pick this up pretty cheap if you don't already have one. level 4 is more optimal than the lower level ones as it has 2 ranged vs the 1 ranged of lower levels.


Lone Boatman level 5 has average speed and 2 ranged attack raised to 3 by General Sloan. He is a sniper, which targets enemy monsters with ranged, magic, or no attack that are not in the first position. At level 5 he also has armor repair, restores some armor to the friendly monster whose armor has taken the most damage, usually your tank but has been known to keep the back line alive too. This ability becomes even more valuable in the no heal ruleset.


Prisimologist at level 3 is 4 ranged attack +1 from General Sloan is 5 Ranged damage with her blast ability, like lobbing a grenade into the enemy line. As an added bonus she has armor, I have seen my lone boatman save my match a couple times by repairing her armor and letting her get off one more grenade for the win.


Low 2 mana cost with 2 ranged damage at level 5 and another +1 from General Sloan. This guy will fit into those little left over mana spots and as an added bonus has cleanse to clear any bad effects off your tank.


Pelacor Arbelist level 4 gives you average speed and a little more health. The 2 ranged attack +1 from General Sloan for 3 ranged damage with Double strike making for the potential to do 6 damge per round.



Adelade Brightwing level 2 has 2 Magic attack which will not benefit from General Sloan but pretty much always hits. She is slow but has flying, resurrect and armor repair. Having double armor repair especially in the no heal ruleset can be devastating. DO NOT play fiend with Adelade unless you like wasting your resurrect.


Here you can see the how silver level general sloan team performs in Gold League

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